Employing an Apprentice

Employing an Apprentice is easy and what's more PETA works with you all the way and even conducts the initial interviews and shortlisting for you!

Whether you employ new staff or embark existing staff onto an Apprenticeship programme, there are no changes to your usual employment conditions - they are the same as any other employee.  If recruiting new, PETA does all the work for you and you simply select the best candidates to suit you and then induct them as you would with any other employee.

If you have a freeze on headcount then there is an alternative to host an Apprentice where you pay an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) a fee - similar to a recruitment agency but without the high cost.  So either way you will be able to take advantage of the funding available.

Employers like the fact that PETA . . .

  • Helps you to identify if Apprenticeships are right for you and your business
  • Runs through the options to either employ or host an Apprentice (hosting is like a recruitment agency arrangement)
  • Provides upfront guidance on the costs associated with an Apprentice
  • Creates a job vacancy/person specification that is suited to the role and the audience being recruited
  • Advertises the position for free
  • Undertakes a pre-selection interview and shortlists candidates
  • Co-ordinates the employer interviews and feeds back to the candidates the outcome
  • Completes the paperwork, identifies the right programme and framework and sets in place the learning programme
  • Provides excellent mentoring, guidance and support to both learner and employer throughout the Apprenticeship
  • Manages the programme and undertakes the delivery of training as part of the programme
  • Offers an Apprentice Mentoring Workshop to help support Apprentices in the workplace

Employers appreciate their commitment is to . . .

  • Make the decision on whether to employ the Apprentice or host them
  • Supply a job description/person specification
  • Select the right candidate for the job and provide an employment contract (if employed)
  • Support the Apprentice with time for off-the-job training and provide the required on-the-job training including a comprehensive induction and job training plan
  • Be involved in the Assessor visits/progress reviews and target setting and support the Apprentice through to completion

Your new Apprentice is committing to . . .

  • Your Contract of Employment
  • Working as part of your business, adhering to policies and procedures
  • Undertake the required training/study to complete the Apprenticeship

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