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Our ICT Advisory services are designed to give you access to ICT Consultants who can help you get the very best from your ICT applications. By listening to you and understanding what the issues are, our ICT Advisors can tailor a flexible and responsive service to achieve the outcome you seek. If you find that you have the following or similar problems, our ICT Advice Service can assist you.

  • Quick results are needed due to tight deadlines
  • Workflows need to become automated
  • Dashboards need to be created to give rapid access to business critical metrics
  • Spreadsheets have become complex and time consuming
  • File management and structures need to be updated
  • Your databases need to be overhauled to adapt to your changing business needs
  • The necessary expertise is not available within the company
  • You need User Support Technical Support
  • You need Programming Solutions

Our ICT Advisory and Consultancy Services offer a range of ICT consultancy services.  The following shows the most popular area of ICT support requested:

IT Surgeries

A brilliant concept in ‘mentoring’ application users, that involves a Microsoft expert coming to your site and holding ‘one-to-one’ 60 minute surgeries with individuals on a ‘booked’ session basis.  Individuals gain skills in areas causing most difficulty.  This delivers a boost to skills and resolves some of the knowledge gaps that may be inhibiting user confidence, accuracy and speed.

 Tailored Webinars

Micro learning is a vital tool in employee skills development but off-the-shelf solutions rarely fit your specific needs.  We can offer a fully tailored Webinar design and delivery service that builds your micro learning capabilities and delivers micros training direct to staff when they need it.

 IT Training Health Check

We all believe that we know what Microsoft Office has to offer, but with so many people ‘self-taught’, the skills gaps can be significant.  Our IT Training Health Check will highlight skills gaps and will deliver visibility of the specific training required to uplift skills to the appropriate level.

First Line Support 

A tailored support package enabling you to develop your First Line support for IT, creating improved capacity and responsive to users in your business and promoting a timely resolution to IT issues faced on a day-to-day basis.  This can be linked to City and Guilds qualifications.

 Spreadsheet integration - making data work smarter

Spreadsheets are vital to most business operations yet often the opportunity to link and integrate data from multiple sources is missed.  This service offers you an objective exploration as to your data sources and works by combining data into smarter, linked document reporting options.  The result is time saved and greater data accuracy.

 Dashboards and metrics management

Metrics are fundamental to most business operations.  Through consulting with your key data managers, we can develop your Dashboards using data to work in a smart and effective way to create wider visibility of the performance measures critical to your business success.

Building your SharePoint capability

Many businesses are turning to SharePoint as the way forward in developing collaborative working.  Using the expertise of our SharePoint trainer, we will tailor a support programme that helps you develop how SharePoint will integrate into your business operation establishing the interface between functions to support users and developers in maximising the features SharePoint offers.


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