An Apprenticeship is an achievement to be proud of; its a real job where you earn a wage, receive training and gain qualifications all at the same time – it’s the start of your career!

Our Apprenticeship programme is here to help you get into a job, we actively work with employers to offer Apprenticeship jobs so you don’t have to find the job yourself! Whether you have just left school, are thinking of leaving college or simply want to get a job then an Apprenticeship is the perfect choice.

An Apprenticeship involves on-the-job instruction and off-the-job training at one of our training centres with support throughout.  What’s more an Apprenticeship is not just a single qualification. You will achieve a vocational qualification, technical certificate and functional skills (if you need them). We will also teach you personal learning and thinking skills and employee rights and responsibilities. All of this will give you the necessary skills and understanding to get off to a flying start in your chosen career.

PETA specialises in Business Administration, Customer Service, ICT Practitioner for networking and systems, Engineering, Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships.

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Business Apprenticeships
(3 courses)

Vital to any business are administrators whether they be in finance, marketing, sales, reception or within operational areas or HR whatever your interest a Business Apprenticeship will get you started.
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Engineering Apprenticeships
(7 courses)

Engineering is a vital part of everyday life imagine what it would be like without your mobile phone! An Engineering Apprenticeship is practical and offers a range of options depending upon your interests.
See all Engineering Apprenticeships courses.

ICT Apprenticeships
(6 courses)

If you are looking for a career in IT then an Apprenticeship is a great start whether you are looking at networks and systems, providing IT support or creating stunning web designs the options are endless.
See all ICT Apprenticeships courses.

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