SAACKE Combustion Services Ltd (SCSL) employs PETA as their external health and safety adviser

SAACKE achieve ISO 45001 accreditation

Case study summary: SAACKE Combustion Services Ltd (SCSL) employs PETA as their external health and safety adviser so when they decided to make the leap to implementing ISO 45001, they contacted PETA to discover the best course of action for success.


SCSL has been involved in combustion technology in the UK for over 60 years and is one of the world's leading companies in this field. Their success is largely based on the knowledge, skills and commitment of its employees. They are a global company with the SAACKE Group having subsidiaries and partners in more than 50 countries around the world. SAACKE Group Head Office is located in Germany and the SAACKE UK Head Office is situated in Havant, Hampshire. 

SAACKE offers a range of services to the industrial and marine sectors including consultation, installation and commissioning, maintenance and repairs, and modernisation. Their service is geared to one goal: Ensuring the function of firing plants for many years to come – cost effectively, reliably and in an environmentally safe manner.

As a company, SAACKE UK holds ISO 9001 certification across all their activities. Conversations between Head Office and the UK Office led to the conclusion that it would be beneficial for the UK operation to lead in gaining ISO 45001, allowing the UK  to assist other branches in following suit in the coming months and years. 

PETA has been SAACKE UK’s health and safety external adviser for many years. PETA visits SAACKE’s Havant premises and their service activities on customer sites four times a year to ensure the correct measures are in place, update them on health and safety legislation and assess the operation from a health and safety perspective. When SAACKE decided to make the leap to 45001, they contacted PETA to find out what the best first steps would be.

Action taken:

PETA Health & Safety Trainer/Adviser Paul Brett visited SAACKE’s Havant office in February 2021 to conduct a gap analysis. The purpose of this was to confirm exactly what was currently in place and what needed to be introduced to achieve ISO 45001 certification.

Paul put his recommendations forward, outlining the work that would need to be done to achieve the goal. The gap analysis identified the areas where additional documentation and procedures needed to be introduced in order to meet the scope and objectives of ISO 45001. Paul worked on the main documents, which SAACKE then added to their working procedures.

The new Safety Management Policy was introduced and PETA provided support with audits to make sure the system covered all aspects of the operation. Phil then held a management review to ensure the managers understood the system fully before this was introduced to all employees. Paul attended the review to answer any questions the management team had.

SAACKE believed 2021 would be a good time to gain this accreditation and with the SAACKE Group backing, they decided to go for it. They were able to complete the entire process in just five months, from the initial gap analysis in February to the successful audit taking place in early July. 

Phil said: “Paul has been great at assisting us on this journey to ISO 45001 accreditation, and although it has taken significant work, it’s been good for us working through it. We passed the audit on the first attempt which we’re thrilled about and are currently awaiting the official accreditation. Thanks to PETA for all your help and support.”


SAACKE was pleased with the process from start to finish and states the continuous support received was second to none.

Phil said: “We’re really happy with how everything went. The support was there all the time; we often asked PETA for feedback on various items and their responses were always immediate. We were able to call on them as and when needed - the support mechanism works so well. In addition to that, Paul’s knowledge impressed us, he had an answer for every question we asked and understood what everyone was looking for and what was needed which helped keep up the momentum.”

SAACKE introduced a Performance Development Review system with staff in 2019, and although the pandemic made it difficult to progress this last year, as things continue to improve, SAACKE’s management team plan to get the ball rolling again shortly. As reviews are held, they will identify any training needs that individual staff members may have and will be utilising PETA’s services further to ensure these staff get the training they need.

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