Tailored Leadership Training for H+S Aviation

Case study summary: H+S Aviation needed to deliver a structured leadership development programme to provide support to a number of their team leaders and managers.


H+S Aviation and sister company Dallas Airmotive, are OEM-certified and dedicated to providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services for small gas turbine and turbofan engines used in aviation. Their authorisations cover the majority of turbine engine models powering fixed and rotary wing aircraft used for business aviation, and many of the engines used in government, military and commercial applications.

H+S Aviation identified the need to deliver a leadership development programme to provide developmental support to a number of their team leaders and managers.  It was vital to them that the training reflected the working environment, the real issues faced and the leadership values of the business, so they needed a tailored training solution.

The team leaders were from a wide age range, some new to the role, some very experienced, but all extremely engaged and passionate about their business.

Action taken:

PETA delivered two lots of bespoke training at H+S headquarters in Portsmouth. The first was a Management Development course for 12 managers over six days. It was a tailored version of PETA’s Management Essentials course and covered Effective Leadership, Communication Skills, High Performing Teams, Time Management, Finance and Employment Law for Managers.

The second was a Team Leader Development course for 24 team leaders across four days. This too was a tailored version of Management Essentials, but minus the Finance and Employment Law elements.  The course was refined and tailored to the needs and requirements of the team leaders.

The training was delivered by Business Management Trainer Tim Leonard, who works for PETA on a freelance basis. Tim is a pilot himself and had a lot to give to this project as aviation is close to his heart. He said: “I have been privileged and honoured to work with H+S Aviation.  Every single person I have come into contact with has been a complete and utter delight. The team at H+S has a light, spark and energy that is so rare. Their professionalism is unmatched so if you want to see a team getting a high-pressure job done well and you want to be inspired, go and talk to H+S Aviation.”

​The need for further training arose from the initial team leader programme, so Team Leader as Trainer, Mentor and Coach was delivered to the 24 delegates this month. This course enabled the team leaders to develop their coaching and mentoring skills, which in turn will facilitate and support the development of their team members, enabling them to achieve their potential.

The real challenge is sustaining the investment of the training.  In order to achieve that consistent and constant return on investment to the business, H+S received a quick, simple, yet highly effective coaching tool that allows the individual to recognise in detail what they have been doing well and then provides the motivational platform to look at those specific areas where they can develop further still.


It was a resounding success. The course gave the participants a wide range of management and supervisory skills that will allow them to survive and thrive in their current environment and equip them for a fantastic future. The most important benefit from the course was that they all gained self-confidence in their role and their ability to recognise their own strengths and to develop the abilities and potential of their team members.

Since completing the programmes, H&S has seen many of the staff members really come on in their development and step up to take on additional responsibilities.

Tim added: “I’ve run a feedback session with Olly, Phil and the rest of the management team and they expressed their pleasure and told me how successful they had found the investment.  We followed that session with the Team Leader as Mentor, Coach and Trainer and yet again the delegates shone, bringing energy, verve and spark to the sessions.”