Chimp Management: first event is resounding success

PETA hosted a brand new event recently showcasing the Chimp Management model, which revolves around mind management.

Article summary: PETA hosted a brand new event recently showcasing the Chimp Management model, which revolves around mind management.

The topic was very well received and the event went smoothly despite the additional challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic and related restrictions.

The event sold out quickly when it was announced in the summer. Numbers had to be kept to a maximum of 35 so that strict social distancing measures could be adhered to at all times, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of attendees and staff.

Chimp Management encompasses how we react to situations and handle the emotions that occur as events unfold. The Chimp model is a simple and recognised model that has resonated with people around the globe and piqued interest in the business world.

The model sees the brain as being divided into three teams: You (The Human), The Chimp and The Computer, and provides a simplified way of understanding how we can utilise these teams to the best of our ability within our individual lives.

‘You’ work with facts and truth to make deductions using logical thinking. ‘The Chimp’ is an independent part of your brain that is not under your control; pulling information together using emotional thinking. ‘The Computer’ acts as a memory and an automatic thinking and acting machine that is programmed to take over if the Chimp or Human is asleep or on autopilot.

The model was created by Professor Steve Peters, a Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in the functioning of the human mind. His work, past and present, in the field of psychiatry and education includes over 20 years in the NHS and several lecturing and senior management roles within the university sector, amongst many other roles.

Professor Peters holds degrees, higher degrees and postgraduate qualifications in medicine, mathematics, education, medical education, sports medicine and psychiatry and has clients across a wide range of disciplines. He helps people to understand how the mind works, gain insight into their own unique mind and situation, and develop skills to optimise individual performance and quality of life.

PETA’s Chimp Management offering was a one-day event led by Chimp Management Trainer Dean Coomer. Dean is one of a team of UK-wide trainers accredited by the official Chimp Management brand. Only accredited trainers are permitted to deliver these events, so PETA worked closely with Dean to ensure the event was well planned and executed at their Portsmouth-based training centre.

The format of the day involved a series of lectures from Dean, interspersed with break-out activities and discussions in smaller, socially distanced groups. This gave participants the chance to learn and understand the theory and principles of the model, and then explore how they could incorporate these into their own lives, building resilience to things happening around them.

The attendees were able to use their newfound knowledge and perspective to start planning how they’d take the approach forward in their working futures, both immediate and long-term. An additional advantage of the model is that it can be applied to every aspect of your life, not just for work.

PETA’s Management and Business Training Manager Philip Mirner organised the event. He said: “This was the first big event that we’ve held since the pandemic started and we are thrilled that we were able to carry out all elements of the event safely and effectively, adhering to all restrictions.

“The Chimp Model is a high-profile and engaging model that is relevant to people in all roles and sectors. It can help you to manage elements of both your work and personal life effectively, providing a fresh perspective on how to handle situations with positive outcomes every time. It’s about adapting your mind to change, something that is extremely relevant in the current climate.”

What our attendees had to say:

“It was managed superbly! Thanks so much for putting our safety first. Everything was considered from the one-way systems, pre-organised lunches and plenty of space!” Leanne

“Dean was a very engaging and knowledgeable presenter. The topic was very interesting and well presented. A very worthwhile and enjoyable day.” Chris

“Very interesting subject matter and thought provoking. It was great to learn more about the topic and it brought the book to life. Great to have an opportunity to discuss thoughts with others in the room. I'd be interested in attending a follow up.” Angie

“This is my third visit to PETA since the post-lockdown opening and it always feels very safe and clean - thank you.” Vicki

Find out more about our Chimp Management offering and get in touch to discuss your company’s options regarding the next open event.


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