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With National Apprenticeship Week coming up on 8-14 February 2021, now’s a great time to set your sights on the opportunities available to you in the shape of an apprenticeship.

Article summary: With National Apprenticeship Week coming up on 8-14 February 2021, now’s a great time to set your sights on the opportunities available to you in the shape of an apprenticeship.

The beauty of apprenticeships is that you can become an apprentice in almost anything! From administration to IT, engineering to customer service, management to digital marketing - the possibilities are endless. At PETA, we have a wide range of positions on our books so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

We have a great reputation and high success rates when it comes to delivering apprenticeships, so the best employers choose to partner with us to recruit and train new staff in the roles they require. We work with employers to tailor each apprenticeship to suit the role - and even the individual - to ensure the best possible outcome for all. Apprenticeships can involve various different elements and qualifications depending on the type of role and the position level and it’s all flexible so we always find the ideal route for each apprentice.

Apprenticeships are usually between 1 and 5 years in duration, depending on the level.They’re a great combination of practical, on-the-job training and classroom learning in the form of recognised qualifications. Whilst training you will receive a salary (so you’re actually being paid to learn!) and upon completion you will be qualified in the role you’ve trained in and have some impressive certificates to add to your CV. What’s more, the majority of apprentices remain with their apprenticeship employer, with many progressing on into higher roles soon after.

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

This year’s theme is ‘Build the Future’, with the aim of encouraging people to consider how apprenticeships help individuals to build the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career. There will be a focus on how apprenticeships enable employers to train, retain and achieve, all things that are especially important in the current climate.

The 14th annual event will showcase the impact apprenticeships can have on communities, local businesses and regional economies and how they all benefit from the impact of apprenticeships. It will also celebrate the motivating stories of apprentices who have helped business adapt and build during a difficult year.

2020’s event saw over 1,250 events take place across England, and whilst that won’t be possible this year and everything will be done virtually, businesses are strongly encouraged to get involved - download the toolkit from to plan your activity and take part.

PETA apprenticeships

PETA works with industry-leading employers who are dedicated to ensuring your apprenticeship gives you the experience you need to kickstart your career.

IT and Digital

Digital industries are constantly changing and businesses will always require new digital expertise. Whatever your area of interest, the career opportunities in IT and Digital are endless. Whether you want to enter the world of software development, network engineering or digital marketing, we’re sure to have something to pique your interest.


Are you interested in the world of business and how it operates? Do you thrive on interacting with people? Perhaps you want to open your own business one day? A customer service or business administration apprenticeship will equip you with a wide variety of skills that are essential to working in any commercial industry. A business apprenticeship is a real job, with real experience, a wage and an employer who is dedicated to your success.


An engineering career offers a plethora of opportunities depending on what you are interested in and where you want to work. Whether you’re looking for a career in welding and fabrication, CNC turning and milling, electronics, product design or maintenance, an engineering apprenticeship could provide the ideal pathway. It’s a real job with real pay and an employer who wants to see you succeed.


If you’re preparing to step up to a management position and effectively lead a team, a management apprenticeship can provide the perfect opportunity to build your skills and gain qualified experience. Management apprenticeships can be undertaken with your existing employer and provide a structured approach to learning operational and resource management, business planning strategies and commercial awareness.

Browse our range of apprenticeship job vacancies and if you see one you like the sound of, click on it for the full details. You can apply online or get in touch if you have any queries.

Calling all employers…

Apprenticeships are a great way of getting new staff on board and trained up in a cost effective way. Simply identify the skills gap within your business and together we can create a role that will fulfil that need. And the best news? Thanks to the Apprenticeship Levy, 95% of the training costs will be government-funded and for small businesses, it could even be free!

The Apprenticeship Levy was introduced in 2017 to create national funding for apprenticeships and enable businesses of all sizes to implement their own apprenticeship programmes. At PETA, we have a highly experienced team on hand to help you with anything from developing your recruitment strategy to managing your apprenticeship funding, to ensure you maximise your investment in apprenticeships.

Discover all the advantages of employing an apprentice


Although we are in strange times, please rest assured that our apprenticeship programmes will be running and safe to commence as planned. Ourselves and all the employers we partner with are currently working within covid-secure environments, or virtually from home where necessary. PETA’S Training Centre is open and operating in line with government guidelines with reduced learner numbers and social distancing measures in place.

PETA’s next round of apprenticeships commence in April, so check out our vacancies and apply online when you’re ready! If you want to chat through your options with our friendly team, fill in our contact form and we’ll give you a call.



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