PETA’s government-funded apprenticeship programmes continue to thrive

At PETA, we work in partnership with companies of all sizes to deliver effective government-funded apprenticeship programmes across a range of disciplines.

Article summary: With steady take-up, the initiative is going well and we’re expecting further interest following the news that the government is offering even larger incentive payments for businesses taking on apprentices between now and the end of September.

Employers will now receive £3,000 for new apprentices of any age who join their organisation between April and September. This payment will be in addition to the £1,000 payment provided for new apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those under 25 with an Education, Health and Care Plan, meaning that some employers could receive £4,000 in total per apprentice.

The bonus can be spent on anything to support your organisation’s costs such as uniforms, your apprentice’s travel or their salary and it does not need to be paid back. Apprentices must be signed up and to have commenced employment by 30 September 2021 to be eligible.

Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to take on new staff, providing opportunities for growth during even the most challenging financial periods. They’re also great for the economy as apprentices will improve business efficiency as well as contribute to lowering the national unemployment rate.

PETA works with SMEs with only a few employees where the apprentice becomes an essential part in a small team, right through to large corporates where an intake of a high number of apprentices per annum is part of their succession planning.

Our ongoing success is down to the dedicated work of our highly experienced team who are always on hand to help. We can assist with anything from developing your recruitment strategy and managing your apprenticeship funding, to ensuring you maximise your investment in apprenticeships.

We offer apprenticeship programmes in the areas of IT and Digital, Business, Engineering and Management. We work with you to create an apprenticeship role that will fulfil your business needs and more; our reputation goes before us, which is why the best employers choose to partner with us to recruit and train new staff.

Read on to learn more about two partnerships we’ve built in recent times and the success we’ve had with them...

Eaton Corporation

Eaton is a multinational company employing over 92,000 staff and working with over 175 companies. We’ve delivered engineering apprenticeship programmes within the company for several years, and more recently, we’ve been working closely with the HR team to implement rapid solutions to the challenges raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining their commitment to their apprentices was essential, so in line with COVID restrictions, we provided a solution that would allow an agile and structured learning programme to continue so that each apprentice could carry on with their learning whilst furloughed or working remotely.

Working together, our team moved swiftly to design and implement an online programme, which was well received and proved to be successful. One apprentice commented:

“The introduction of the Zoom meetings have been planned and delivered very well so far. I appreciate this way of learning is new for everyone, new challenges and teething problems, not just for us as students, but for the lecturers as well.

Communication and support from all the PETA staff has been excellent throughout the course, but especially since COVID lockdown restrictions and learning from home/online. I have found the content on very helpful and I hope more content can be added as this has supported my online study from home well.

Personally, I must give my thanks to Althea, Biff, Kam and the PETA team. Your communication and support as lecturers during online Zoom learning has been excellent and is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!!” Michael Revill, Eaton apprentice

This demonstrates our flexibility and ability to adapt, illustrating that we can deliver smart solutions that ensure our excellent training programmes continue effectively, benefitting both the individual learner(s) and their employers.

Swan Retail

Swan Retail, based in Waterlooville, offers an end-to-end inhouse software retail solution covering EPoS, Stock Management, Accounts, Customer Ordering, Warehousing, CRM, eCommerce and more, working with small businesses and multinationals alike.

PETA’s Apprenticeship Recruiter for Business Solutions, Sam Whitehead, started working with Swan Retail in 2020 and the partnership has blossomed since then. She said: “My first task with Swan Retail was to support them with the recruitment of two Customer Support Apprentices. Gemma Williams, their Customer Service Manager, has since recommended us to their partner company, Touchretail, who are now utilising our recruitment service to find an IT Support Apprentice and a Customer Support Apprentice. I was delighted to hear how pleased Gemma was with her experience with us.”

Gemma said: “We needed two new apprentices and we worked with PETA to find them. The process was very well managed and we successfully secured the candidates in a very short time. The onboarding went very smoothly and I felt supported throughout. We will definitely work with PETA again for any apprenticeship needs we have.”

Swan Retail’s apprentices have both settled into their roles well and are flourishing within the company. This outcome is testament to our exceptional service in supporting employers with recruiting well-suited apprentices and identifying the correct training opportunities for them going forward.

Find out more about the government’s apprenticeship incentive scheme and get in touch to discuss your apprenticeship training needs with our friendly and knowledgeable team.


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