PETA achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Article summary: Protecting your organisation’s IT infrastructure from potential cyber threats is essential in avoiding disruptive data security integrity breaches, which could result in business continuity disruption and the potential for hefty penalties.

In recent years, regulations have become stricter, especially regarding GDPR and so the cost of cyber crime to a larger organisation is likely to be in excess of £20,000 per attack, in addition to the reputational damage that may also come with it. Hackers’ methods are also becoming more sophisticated, making it even harder to avoid becoming a target.

PETA has taken the positive step of utilising the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme to assess our systems security. This has resulted in us achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate of Assurance. 

This certification enables us to reassure our customers that we are continually working to secure our IT systems against a possible cyber attack and that we have a clear picture of our organisation's cyber security level.

Find out more about the Cyber Essentials scheme or contact us if you have any questions about our cyber security.


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