Bud to become PETA’s new apprenticeship training platform

Article summary: PETA is pleased to announce that we are planning a migration to the Bud platform this summer. This system is versatile and easy to use and creates the ideal shared platform for trainers, learners and employers to collaborate and communicate effectively throughout their apprenticeship programmes.

By moving to this new system, we’re confident that we’ll be able to offer an even higher level of service to our apprentices and employers. Whilst our current system is advanced, Bud is easier to navigate and extremely user-friendly.

Bud is a single, joined-up platform that will be utilised on a day-to-day basis by apprentices, employers, trainers and managers. It gives all parties a great overview of the programme and the apprentice’s on-going progress. 

It is a great tool for managers to gain full visibility of their entire training delivery. As an end-to-end system designed around workflows, users have to provide evidence at every stage, which in turn helps to identify any issues as they appear.

Our learners will use Bud to access curriculum content, communicate with their trainer and upload their work and assignments.  As the interface is easy to use and accessible at any time on any web-enabled device, learners will have less reason for incomplete tasks and fewer complaints during teaching sessions, which should result in improved completion rates.

Trainers, employers and learners communicate through Bud via instant messaging or their preferred method e.g. Zoom or Teams. Bud will keep a record of every action and automatically save meeting dates, links, reminders and notifications, ensuring learner engagement.

Learner progress is tracked every step of the way; with its own skills assessment tool built-in, learners are measured at the beginning of their learning journey and throughout the programme, with each activity recorded. Bud enables trainers to see early on where learners are making slow progress, giving them the opportunity to provide assistance in good time.

Bud also streamlines the entire enrolment process.  Learners ‘self-serve’ their enrolment remotely – including completing their initial maths and English assessments – meaning the risk of errors occurring is minimised and the amount of admin for trainers is reduced. 

PETA’s Director of Operations, Dawn Halfacre said: “We’re excited about how Bud will improve the way we work with our key partners - our learners and employers. The platform is fantastic, cleanly designed and simple to navigate.  The initial skills assessment against the knowledge skills and behaviours delivers insights as to where specifically each learner needs to develop, enabling the employer and PETA to provide the right ‘on’ or ‘off’ the job training, at the right time in the apprenticeship journey.  Learner progress can be clearly mapped, leading to great educational outcomes for learners and to ensure that standards remain high throughout our programmes.”

One of Bud’s existing clients said: “What we really liked about Bud is that it has been designed with apprenticeship standards in mind, allowing us to outline our unique curriculum, which we fully map to the knowledge, skills, behaviours and additional qualifications prior to enrolment.”

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