PETA celebrates 95% apprenticeship completion rates

Article summary: Despite the national apprenticeship standard completion rates for 2020/21 being reported this month as just 53%, PETA is pleased to reveal that our own figures far exceed this level with a completion rate of over 95% for 20/21.

PETA’s impressive completion rates can be put down to the excellent relationships that we build with the employers we partner with and the individual apprentices, as well as the network of support that we ensure is in place for each and every learner.

Every learner is assigned a dedicated PETA trainer assessor who supports them throughout their apprenticeship journey, making sure they settle in well and understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from the start. Our trainers visit each apprentice regularly to provide any support that may be needed and to carry out assessments in the workplace to track progress.

The fact that almost half of those starting out on an apprenticeship standard dropped out before completion came as a shock to the education sector, with experts expressing “deep concern”.

Revised figures for 2019/20 following an error also revealed a higher standards drop-out rate than originally thought, with only 46.6% of apprentices making it to their End Point Assessments and completing their programmes.

The old style apprenticeship ‘frameworks’ have been replaced by high-quality ‘standards’ which better reflect employer needs. These standards were introduced in 2014, with 25% of all new apprenticeship starts moving onto these standards by 2017/18. The government committed to ensuring that all new apprenticeship starts were on standards by August 2020.

The standards were brought in to improve the way apprenticeships are delivered. There was a need to make apprenticeships more attractive to employers by providing improved on-the-job learning and allowing apprenticeships to be tailored more towards specific job roles to meet employers’ needs.

A DfE spokesperson said: “Covid-19 had a big impact on achievement rates in 19/20 but even in normal years there are many reasons why people move on from apprenticeships, such as changes in family circumstances or getting a promotion. Standards are rightly more difficult to achieve than frameworks, so lower rates on standards are not unexpected.”   

PETA delivers to over 400 apprentices each year, providing a first-class service to both the apprentices and their employers. For the employers we partner with, we provide a comprehensive recruitment service, which includes:

  • Your own recruitment consultant from our experienced engagement team, offering support in candidate selection
  • Full job description and advertisements on national advertising boards, social media and the PETA website
  • Pre-interview selection and candidate screening
  • Interview support and follow-up for candidates and employers
  • Initial assessment of skills, including Maths and English

Not only do we have excellent retention and completion rates, but the exceptional levels of support and training that we provide our apprentices with has resulted in a high number of Distinctions across all programmes as well.

Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining new employees that are trained specifically to fulfil the role that you need them to. 

Happy apprentices…
  • 90% of PETA apprentices say they feel safe in their apprenticeship, knowing who to contact in PETA if they are worried about themselves or a colleague.

  • 91% of PETA apprentices say that they are encouraged to set aspirational goals for their learning, receiving support to help them stay on track.

  • 95% of PETA apprentices say that the PETA team makes them feel welcomed, treats them fairly and with respect.

  • 100% of PETA apprentices understand what safeguarding and prevention means and what they and others need to do to stay safe.

What our apprentices say…

“PETA and my apprenticeship was absolutely fundamental to where I am now and I would not be here without them.” James Magee, IT Technician & Network Engineer

“Doing an apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to develop multiple skills and it’s a bonus to be able to learn at work and get paid. I now have a better understanding of how businesses are run and I have gained a lot of confidence.” Lewis Heath, Business Administrator

“I wanted to do further training in the field of IT but didn’t want to go to university as I’ve always found that I learn better by doing. The main appeal of an apprenticeship to me was learning on the job - earning whilst learning was attractive too!” Michael Cowan, It Technician

“I was nervous about the interview process but the staff at PETA soon made me feel at ease. My apprenticeship has allowed me to get experience on the job, as well as time to learn the theory for the qualifications, and everything you learn helps you to progress in your professional role.” Lisa Gilham, Digital Marketing

“I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship. I’ve always struggled with classroom learning but undertaking an apprenticeship allowed me to apply my skills in real situations and learn hands-on, which really suited me.” George Chapman, Network Engineer

Find out more about apprenticeships with PETA or get in touch to discuss further with our friendly and knowledgeable apprenticeship team.



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