Utilise our IT Coaching service to top-up your teams’ Microsoft skills...

Many of us are self-taught when it comes to Microsoft applications.  There is often an assumption that people know how to get the best from applications, when in reality, there may be a lot more they could learn that would benefit the way they work.

While many people believe they are competent in the use of the programmes they use on a daily basis, they may not actually be using them in the most effective way or even be aware of all the features and tools available to them. 

Additional training could unearth some essential tools and techniques that will enable your staff to work more efficiently and get even better results from features, smart tools and automation that is embedded within applications, making their daily tasks quicker and easier, saving time and increasing long-term productivity.

Whilst our scheduled courses are hugely popular due to the small group sizes and high level of support, a full-day course may not be the right solution for your team, particularly if they have differing levels of need.  Some people might just need a ‘top-up’, benefit from more personalised one-to-one support or would welcome a short workshop focused on a specific feature with the opportunity to ask any questions they have, allowing them to truly get to grips with the software on a deeper level.

If this sounds like the type of support your team or company would benefit from, our personalised IT Coaching service could be the solution you’ve been searching for. With a tailored and bespoke approach, it can offer whatever you need it to…

What Microsoft applications /topics can be covered? 

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Project
  • SharePoint
  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft Office overview
  • Microsoft 365 overview

How does IT Coaching work?

  1. Users complete a ‘skills scan’ in the applications that they need to develop their skills. This gives individuals the chance to provide details of the areas in which they would like to develop more knowledge or aspects they are unsure of. Not only does this help identify applications and topics that will need to be covered within the training, but also the specific needs of individual employees.
  2. Our trainer will compile a matrix of skills development needs critical to your users and business. This will make planning the training schedule easier and will provide an indication of the time that will need to be dedicated to it before commencement.
  3. We will propose a tailored package of support that aligns to the skills needs identified. This will ensure that all needs are met and that a schedule is agreed to suit all those involved.
  4. We deliver the programme as a mix of:
    • Full day courses
    • Short workshops (two hours)
    • One-to-one coaching (60-minute session per user)
    • Delivered at the location of your choice - at your premises, at PETA’s Portsmouth training centre, or virtually via Zoom or similar.
  5. We will plan follow-up contact with all users to offer final coaching and mentoring tips to keep them on the right track and give them the opportunity to ask any further questions.

What are the benefits?

  • It is a completely bespoke offering, so the training will be tailored to the specific needs of your company, teams and individual employees.
  • This learning package is customer-focused and will align skills needs with your business and user needs.
  • Areas of learning will be of your choosing to ensure your staff get the training they need. We are happy to provide advice and guidance on areas and topics if required so you can rest assured nothing will be missed.
  • It offers bite-sized and agile options to minimise the impact on day-to-day routines whilst offering focused and consolidated learning to each user, promoting application of learning.
  • The hands-on approach allows learners to gain confidence and experience in the new skills they’re learning.
  • Delivery is flexible - where you learn is up to you - choose from your company premises, PETA’s Portsmouth training centre or virtually.
  • We offer extremely competitive rates.  As each programme is personalised to your business needs, the price will be reflective of the content and duration.

IT Coaching offers many opportunities so please get in touch to discuss your options and how we can work together to achieve your goals. Complete our contact form, email us at enquire@peta.co.uk or call us on 023 9253 8700.


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