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Figures show that tech job vacancies still make up the highest proportion of all vacancies in the UK employment market. It is thought that this could be down to skills shortages in the tech industry, with young people being put off joining the sector due to a lack of confidence in their ability to gain the advanced skills they’d need.

This is leading to a growing skills gap, with the tech sector in real need of a new wave of workers to plug those gaps. National Careers Week, which ran from 7-12 March this year, promotes the importance of good career guidance in schools and colleges, and this could make all the difference in encouraging young people to consider a career in tech.

Research by the Learning and Work Institute shows that 88% of young people think digital skills will be important for their future careers, with 62% saying they have basic digital skills, but only 18% saying they felt confident with advanced skills such as coding and using more specialist software, which employers might need.  

It is important for those deciding on their first steps onto the career ladder to consider all the possibilities and sectors open to them. Gaining employment at the end of whatever education or training you embark on should be at the forefront of your mind, so in this respect tech is a very real consideration due to the high number of jobs available.

PETA runs a school liaison programme which includes visits to Year 10 and 11 pupils in a range of schools in the Hampshire area. These sessions allow us to inform pupils of the options available to them in the form of apprenticeships

We offer Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeships in IT, Level 2 and Level 3 in engineering, Level 3 in business and Level 3 and Level 5 in management.

We have a number of apprenticeships that are specific to the tech industry. Apprenticeships deliver the perfect combination of classroom teaching and on-the-job learning to enable the apprentice to emerge at the end of the programme as a knowledgeable and skilled employee.

The qualifications gained at PETA and the work experience gained both look great on your CV and stand you in good stead to progress within your company or look for new opportunities elsewhere.

IT apprenticeships starting with PETA this autumn…

Digital Marketing 

If you’re looking to recruit a digital marketing apprentice, now’s the time to get in touch. Whether you have an existing member of staff that you’d like to place on this programme or you’re looking to recruit, we’re here to help. 

Our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is a Level 3 qualification and 18 months in duration. Apprentices will attend 19 teaching days at our Portsmouth training centre, as well as a programme of workplace-based training. Each apprentice will have a designated Learning and Development Coach who will provide support throughout to ensure your apprentice remains on track to achieve their full potential.

Software Developer

Our Software Developer Level 3 and 4 programmes deliver a structured development path spanning 18–24 months. PETA offers a combination of blended, self-paced and classroom-based routes in multiple programming languages (with new languages being added all the time), on demand and to a high certification level standard.  

The learning will include current cloud-based offerings by Microsoft, as well as the opportunity to become certified in one of the most popular Agile methodologies, Scrum. Coaching support ensures that each apprentice receives a fully comprehensive developmental journey, encompassing both personal and professional development. 

Why choose an apprenticeship?

  • You’ll bag yourself a secure job in an area you’re interested in.
  • Earn money from the day you start and your salary will increase upon completion of your apprenticeship.
  • You’ll gain a range of qualifications as part of the apprenticeship.
  • Benefit from in-depth training for the role you’ve secured, meaning that upon completion you’ll be confident and competent in that discipline.
  • An apprenticeship allows you to gain qualifications, but unlike a degree there are no tuition fees, which can amount to tens of thousands of pounds.
  • You’ll build up in-depth work experience that you wouldn’t gain if you were on a standard uni course.
  • Your career path may be accelerated if your employer is pleased with the way the apprenticeship has gone, making progression routes within the company more accessible.

5 reasons to choose PETA…

  1. We partner with industry-leading employers, providing you with great career opportunities.
  2. Our tutors and trainers are highly skilled experts in their fields, ready to guide you through the programme smoothly.
  3. We work closely with the awarding bodies to ensure our training is as effective as it can possibly be.
  4. Our facilities are modern and purpose-built to provide the ideal environment for your training.
  5. Our training is flexible and can be offered online, at our training centre in Portsmouth or at your workplace depending on the requirements and your/ your employer’s preference.

PETA apprentice James Magee said: “PETA and my apprenticeship was absolutely fundamental to where I am now and I would not be here without them. The part of apprenticeships that is not mentioned much is the interpersonal skills you gain, which are just as important as the bits of paper you get at the end. I started as a rather shy 17-year-old with no CV and finished as a confident 21-year-old with a cracking CV!” 

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Find out more about apprenticeships with PETA or get in touch to discuss further with our friendly and knowledgeable apprenticeship team.

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