Apprenticeships could offer the solution to youth unemployment

The current youth unemployment rate is 10.8% and while this is an improvement on the rate that was recorded in the immediate wake of the pandemic, it is still extremely high.

The unemployment rate for the whole population is 3.8%, demonstrating the vast difference between 16-24 year-olds and those over 25.  In November 2020 the House of Lords Committee on Youth Unemployment was appointed to try to improve things.

With job vacancies at a record high - 1,300,000 in March-May 2022 - an increase of 20,000 on the previous quarter - it is becoming apparent that skills mismatches are one of the key reasons for this.

The Committee has noted that our national curriculum focuses on academic topics, while skills development areas such as teamwork, communication, creativity and problem-solving, often falls by the wayside. To equip young people with the knowledge and skills the economy needs and to enable them to help fill the growing job vacancies, the committee has recommended that the government make changes to the national curriculum with a focus on skills.

If these changes are accepted and implemented, it will be great for the future job market, but in the meantime, what can we do to improve the youth unemployment rates? Research from the Resolution Foundation has identified that there are more non-graduates out of work than graduates and that these young people would benefit from greater support in finding and applying for work and a greater availability of high-quality, entry-level jobs with room for career progression.

This is why apprenticeships are a great solution for those out of work, young people in particular. Apprenticeships offer the chance to learn on-the-job, with a wide range of support around you, all whilst receiving a wage and gaining valuable qualifications for your CV.  They focus on building technical and personal skills, enabling a good transition from full time education into a real job.

Open University’s Business Barometer Survey 2021 suggests that apprenticeships are a viable solution. The most recent survey found that 56% of businesses believe apprenticeships and work-based learning are critical to long-term success. 96% of employers currently working with apprentices plan to maintain or increase the number of apprentices within their organisation, which is great as this means there will be even more opportunities available to young people.

Top 5 reasons to go for an apprenticeship

  1. You’ll bag yourself a secure job in an area you’re interested in, building up in-depth experience as you go.

  2.  You will earn money from the day you start; it’s also highly likely that your salary will increase upon completion of your apprenticeship.

  3. You’ll gain a range of qualifications as part of the apprenticeship, with no tuition fees to pay!

  4. You’ll benefit from in-depth training for the role you’ve secured, meaning that upon completion you’ll be confident and competent in that discipline.

  5. Your career path may be accelerated if your employer is pleased with the way the apprenticeship goes, making progression routes within the company more accessible.

Choose PETA for your apprenticeship…

As the leading training provider in Hampshire, PETA provides quality apprenticeship programmes to over 400 apprentices every year, with up to 94% continuing their career or progressing onto higher-level learning.

  • We partner with industry-leading employers, providing great career opportunities.

  • Our tutors and trainers are highly skilled experts in their fields, ready to guide you through the programme smoothly.

  • We have extensive apprenticeship experience, making us best placed for continued success.

  • We work closely with the awarding bodies to ensure our training is as relevant and effective as possible.

  • Our facilities are modern and purpose built to provide the ideal environment for your training.

  • Our training is flexible, combining online, virtual and face-to-face training at our centres.

Our apprenticeships

PETA is dedicated to offering a range of choices when it comes to roles and employers, ensuring your apprenticeship gives you the experience you need to kickstart your career.

IT and Digital
Digital industries are constantly changing and businesses will always require new digital expertise. Whatever your area of interest, the career opportunities in IT and Digital are endless. Whether you want to enter the world of software development, network engineering or digital marketing, we’re sure to have something to pique your interest.

Are you interested in the world of business and how it operates? Are you a real people person? Perhaps you aspire to run your own business one day? A business administration apprenticeship will equip you with a wide variety of skills that are essential to working in any commercial industry. 

An engineering career would offer you a world of opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a career in welding and fabrication, CNC turning and milling, electronics, product design or maintenance, an engineering apprenticeship could provide the ideal pathway.

If you’re preparing to step up to a management position and effectively lead a team, a management apprenticeship can provide the perfect opportunity to build your skills and gain qualified experience. Management apprenticeships can be undertaken with your existing employer and provide a structured approach to learning operational and resource management, business planning strategies and commercial awareness.

Find out more about our apprenticeship programmes, browse our apprenticeship vacancies or get in touch for more info…



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