Take on a project management apprentice and reap the rewards…

Project managers are vital in leading teams to achieve the required and desired outcomes, on time and on budget. The key to being a great project manager is strong planning, leadership, communication and organisational skills and our Project Management apprenticeship will embed these and more.

We’re recruiting now for the spring cohort for our Level 4 Project Management apprenticeship programme. If you’ve thought about Project Management as something your business would benefit from, it’s worth considering it as an apprenticeship programme. It would provide a great avenue to bring these skills on board either with a new member of staff or someone already on your team.

Apprenticeships are a great training method as they are extremely cost effective - with 95-100% of costs covered by government funding - and combine practical, on the job training with classroom-based learning leading to accredited qualifications.

Project management brings direction and leadership to projects and enhances performance as team members feel more confident in what they’re doing and have a definite purpose. 

Committing to bringing a project manager on board will provide a range of benefits:

Manage budgets and timelines
The management of time and money is definitely up there as one of the most important aspects of any project. Having someone to keep on top of spending and timescales will ultimately ensure the success of the project as it will, as a result, be delivered on time and on budget.

Improve productivity
A project manager who provides strong leadership will undoubtedly improve not only the productivity levels, but also the overall quality of the work being delivered. Good direction will enable team members to complete their individual tasks more easily and the work being produced is likely to be og high quality as they’re able to ask questions and receive clarification on any issues that they encounter rather than muddling through.

Mitigate risk
With a project manager in place, any risks can be identified early and contingency can be put in place to counter any potential negative outcomes. This could be anything from building in additional time for complex parts of the project to providing extra support for staff members with heavy workloads.

Improve and maintain relationships with stakeholders
Project managers act as a middle man between the team delivering the project and everyone outside of that, whether that be other teams, senior management or the person/company that the project is being delivered to. Communication is key to maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders, and the project manager is the ideal person to do this as they’ll have extensive knowledge of the project in its entirety.

Increase customer satisfaction
Part of the project manager’s job is to ensure that the customer is happy with the project, not only upon completion, but throughout the process too. This again relies on excellent communication to ensure the team is on track to deliver what the customer needs it to; this can be done via regular updates to ensure all the boxes are being ticked and to incorporate any changes that are needed along the way.

Why hire an apprentice?

  • Attract new talent to your business as a company who invests in staff and values training and progression.

  • It’s a cost-effective way to upskill existing staff, redirecting them into an area in which they can excel and be of more use to the business.

  • Train someone specifically to do the job that you need them to do, moulding them to fit your business and develop the necessary skills.

  • You’ll gain a well-trained, skilled, loyal member of staff.

  • Receive Government funding to finance the training as well as a £1,000 bonus if you hire a new apprentice aged 16-18. The Apprenticeship Levy and Co-funded models for smaller businesses means that 95% to 100% of the apprentice training costs will be covered. 

Level 4 Project Management - what’s involved?

The programme provides the foundation of project management principles, building skills through practical application.

  • We’ll help your apprentice develop the skills, experience and knowledge to work as part of a motivated and integrated team, with clearly defined reporting lines, roles, responsibilities and authorities.

  • Your apprentice will complete the respected APM Project Management qualification - a widely recognised mark of quality - as part of the programme. 

  • Typically 18 to 24 months in duration, the programme is a combination of tailored coaching, in-centre training and  workplace projects/activities.


We’re the leading training provider in Hampshire, providing quality apprenticeship programmes to over 400 apprentices every year, with up to 94% continuing their career or progressing onto higher-level learning. What’s more, we have a 100% pass rate for our Project Management apprenticeship programme!

We liaise closely with employers to identify skills gaps and the role that would best fit them. We then work hard to find a candidate who’s the perfect match for both the role and your business. Our highly experienced team is also on hand to help you manage your apprenticeship funding to ensure you maximise your investment in apprenticeships - get in touch if you’d like to learn more…

Choose PETA and you’ll benefit from:

  • Your own recruitment consultant from our experienced engagement team, offering support in candidate selection

  • Full job description and advertisements on national advertising boards, social media and the PETA website

  • Pre-interview selection and candidate screening

  • Interview support and follow-up for candidates and employers

  • Initial assessment of skills, including Maths and English

In addition to this, your apprentice will also benefit from:

  • Learning from our highly skilled tutors and trainers who are experts in their fields and ready to guide them through the programme smoothly.

  • Our many years of experience in delivering apprenticeship programmes, which makes us best placed for continued success.

  • The links we have with awarding bodies, which helps ensure our training is as relevant and effective as possible.

  • Our fantastic facilities which are modern and purpose-built, providing the ideal environment for training.

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable team to discuss your options and find out more about the apprenticeship route


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