Five Characteristics of a Great Manager in a COVID-19 World

The CMI has citied 5 characteristics of a great manager in a COVID-19 world. Have you got what it takes to step up into a leadership role and get back to business?

A recent article* from the Chartered Management Institute has cited 5 characteristics of a great leader in a COVID-19 world. These are:

1. Delivering honesty and integrity, consistently
2. Having and living a personal mission and values
3. Being visibly committed 
4. Being self-aware
5. Having humility

With restructures and operational changes happening in businesses across the world, many people are now faced with the need for new management.  When faced with this decision, a company has two choices, recruit from within or recruit from outside.

While recruiting from within offers many advantages, it can be very difficult for the person who has been promoted to successfully assert their authority over their former peers.

The advantages of recruiting from within are:

  • Career development for existing employees
  • Employee retention and loyalty
  • Cost-effective - no recruitment fees
  • The manager is known
  • Their skills and experiences are relevant to the company
  • The culture and administration processes are known to the manager

If you are thinking about stepping up into a management role then you need to be prepared for new situations and challenges. Whilst essential character traits such as humility and integrity are core to this, there are other skills that must be learnt and developed.

Becoming the manager of your former peers can be challenging, especially if your peers also applied for the same promotion or are facing uncertainty about their own roles. 

People you have been friends with as colleagues for a number of years could feel resentful, having failed to secure the position themselves. They may find it difficult to know how to behave towards you now that you have a supervisory role and this can lead to tensions and sometimes challenging behaviours.   

Developing a strategy to help you anticipate, respond to and manage these tensions will help your managerial role start off on the right foot and set an excellent course for your future management career. 

Our one day - 'Mate to Manager - Managing the Transition' course, will help you to make the move from team member to team leader. The course is for those who have recently started in management, leadership or a supervisory role within their organisation and are keen to learn how to improve skills and become a better manager. 

During the course, you will gain a strong understanding of how to establish yourself in your new role whilst managing working relationships and friendships. Learning how to understand the needs of your team and techniques to work with them in different situations are key to your managerial effectiveness.  

You will also learn how to improve your communication skills to help you to become authoritative and persuasive at all levels of business, learn how to prioritise time to deal with challenges and a hefty workload, as well as how to overcome personal barriers and beliefs.


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