Why choose an apprenticeship?

Lauren liked the idea of learning on the job

Summary: As Lauren neared the end of her college course, she was unsure what to do next. Her Dad suggested she consider a PETA apprenticeship and she’s glad she did!

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

In my last year of college, I was uncertain about what I wanted to do when I finished. I heard about PETA through my Dad as his work employ PETA apprentices. He suggested it would be a good idea to attend a PETA open morning which is what I did. I spoke to some of the staff and decided Business Administration would be a good route for me to follow and an apprenticeship appealed to me because I like the idea of learning on the job. I’m now a qualified Administration Assistant.

What’s the best part of your job and being an apprentice?

I really like the company I work for as the working environment is very welcoming and relaxed and my colleagues are always friendly and supportive. I also like that my company encourages progression, which presents opportunities to explore different areas of the business and got me thinking about what other parts of the company I would be interested in.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and if so why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend apprenticeships because they are a great opportunity to get hands on experience without the pressure of starting a job and having to hit the ground running. Also, a huge benefit is that you earn money at the same time.

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