Why choose an apprenticeship?

Hannah took back control of her career with PETA's help

Summary: When Hannah Baldwin felt like she was being overlooked for promotions at work, she decided to take control of her career.

Hannah, who’s a mum of one, had been working as a customer service specialist but never felt she was working to her full capabilities.

After getting in touch with PETA, Hannah secured an apprenticeship which has enabled her to balance learning new skills with spending time with her family.

Hannah said: “The customer service role I used to work in was really enjoyable but the title and pay grade didn’t reflect the responsibilities I had. When I was recommended for an apprenticeship, I met a representative from PETA who spoke to me in an unbiased way about my prospects. She explained the great opportunities to build my skills and advance in a new career.”

Hannah secured an apprenticeship with recruitment firm STR Group and is now working as a team administrator. She’s learning new marketing and design skills whilst also juggling being a wife and mum.

Hannah said: “This job is very different to my old role, there’s a lot more admin-based work and event coordinating. I’ve worked on a charity fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, getting all the staff to join in and wear pink. I like coordinating bids for the marketing team and event planning. 

“There were no opportunities to do that in my old role, but the managers here have taken my interests on board. It’s giving me options for career progression as well as great experience.”

Hannah added: “STR has been really good about letting me work around my daughter’s needs. It has been much easier to do that with STR than with my previous employer.”