Why choose an apprenticeship?

Henry Camisa - MOET Level 3

Summary: Hear how one of our engineering apprentices, Henry, is getting on with his apprenticeship and what his aspirations are for the future, beyond completing his programme with PETA.

What led you to start your apprenticeship?

I have always wanted to go into engineering, as most of my family are also from this field. After looking at my options, I felt it was clear to see that an apprenticeship would bring the most benefit to myself joining this industry. The chance to get hands-on and learn as part of a team, on the job would allow me to grow my confidence and communication.

Please tell us your current job title and what a typical day for you would involve

I am currently a junior production support engineer. My day-to-day jobs include carrying out pre-planned maintenance across our site, as well as responding to reactive maintenance on electrical and mechanical systems, such as our production lines, the plant and facilities.

How was/is your apprenticeship experience?

My apprenticeship experience has supported me to grow my confidence and communication. Being able to work as part of a team within the industry has been a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insight into the processes and people across the engineering industry.

What do you enjoy most about doing an apprenticeship?

I enjoy the hands-on practical aspect of my apprenticeship. I find it far more valuable to be able to get "hands-on" with machinery and equipment and put my learning into practice. I have always preferred being able to reinforce my learning in this way and an apprenticeship allows me to do that every day.

Where do you see yourself the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I would like to use my knowledge and skills of the industry, the equipment and the business to progress to a management level role within the maintenance sector, allowing me to become involved in more of the planning and continuous improvement sides of engineering; and also passing my apprenticeship knowledge down to the next team of apprentices.

Piece of advice you would give someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

Never stop learning. An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to watch other people work, ask as many questions as you can and gain so much valuable knowledge and skills from the people around you.

How has an apprenticeship helped you progress within your role and company?

My role within the company is for both mechanical and electrical fault finding. Through my apprenticeship I have gained valuable knowledge to allow me to progress further and work on more electrical equipment. This in turn has allowed me to work on more complex machinery and tasks within my workplace.