Why choose an apprenticeship?

Olha Dmytryshena - Engineering Operative Level 2

Summary: Embarking on an apprenticeship in engineering was a natural choice for Olha, driven by her fascination with creating, operating, and problem-solving in a field that she believes holds the key to the future.

What led you to start your apprenticeship?

First of all, engineering is very interesting and useful - the ability to create something new, operate a complex unit or to find a mistake and be able to fix it. In my opinion, it sounds fantastic. Secondly - engineering is the future, no doubts. Finally - it is always in high demand.

Please tell us your current job title and what a typical day for you would involve?

Engineering Apprentice - Maintenance Department

Key responsibilities: PPM (planned preventative maintenance); start the factory (boilers, air compressor, machines and irons); equipment repair process; close the factory (turn off all machines, close everything and check if the place is safe before leaving).

How was/is your apprenticeship experience?

In general, I am satisfied with my choice. I think that this apprenticeship experience is beneficial and promising for me and for my future career.

What do you enjoy most about doing an apprenticeship?

I like the fact, that every day I get new knowledge and skills - in my workplace or in the college. It helps me to grow in a personal and professional way.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I cannot answer exactly where I will be in 5 years, but I know for sure, that I will be a good specialist and master of my craft, no matter where I work.

Piece of advice you would give someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship

It's always worth a try, it helps you to understand if that is your way and find your true calling.

How has an apprenticeship helped you progress within your role and company?

My apprenticeship has helped me to develop skills, such as time management and problem-solving. Also, I've had the opportunity to study some technical processes in more detailed way, and if I need to demonstrate this in my workplace, I will be 100% confident in my abilities.