Why choose an apprenticeship?

Embarking on a Digital Marketing Career

Summary: Lisa is a Digital Marketing Apprentice with leading accountancy firm, Diverso. Learn about Lisa's journey so far and why she decided an apprenticeship was the right path for her.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

After leaving college, I wanted to embark on my digital marketing journey. University (debt) didn’t appeal to me so I knew that an apprenticeship was the right route for me - especially with the current climate. Not wanting to move away from home and/or commit 4 years or so to studying something if I wasn't certain on doing it forever, the apprenticeship route was the best option for me.

I liked the ‘earn while you learn’ approach. Plus, after looking into the company, it was a no-brainer (there’s a basketball hoop in the office). 

What’s the best part of your job and being an apprentice?

Not only am I enjoying the role itself, but I love having no set working hours and flexibility, dress down code, good bonuses - but to top that off, good career prospects. 

I get supported by a lovely team. I especially love getting good feedback and talking to people. Everyone I have met has been lovely - including clients (and potential ones) as well as suppliers (such as the website designer and PR company). Because of the fact that you don't have to get a part time job while at uni and have to do unsociable hours - I believe that this route offers the best of both worlds. 

I was nervous to start off with about the whole interview process but the staff at PETA soon made me feel at ease. This has been the case for our networking and training sessions too (as we have to introduce ourselves). Just note that no one will care if you stumble over your words, they’ll give you a moment to compose yourself and try again. People are more understanding and forgiving than you think. When you start out at a company it's okay to feel nervous - even professional football players still get nervous. Adrenaline can be good up to a certain extent, just learn to control it. It sounds like a cliche but it does get easier.

Would you recommend apprenticeships and if so why?

After joining Diverso as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I have gained so much knowledge, experience and confidence whilst developing greatly as an individual - inside and outside of my role.

You get experience on the job (as well as time to learn the theory for your qualification) - you can do anything from a level 2 apprenticeship - GCSE equivalent, to a level 6/7 which is degree standard. I found that I gained so much knowledge from college but a fair bit of it may not be relevant to what I am doing now; learning on an apprenticeship is different, everything that you learn will help you to progress in your professional role.

You could end up going to uni after or doing online courses after your apprenticeship if you wanted to. It could be for you if you are slightly uncertain of what you want to do - you won't lose out on spending over £9000 a year for uni. Another option is to take a gap year and get some work experience in and then start an apprenticeship.

About Diverso

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