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At PETA, we believe it’s important that parents have the opportunity to be involved in the decisions being made by young people when leaving school or college and we recognise how difficult it is to keep up with all the options that are available.

That’s why we have introduced a Parents briefing which will explain the options available, provide an opportunity to ask questions and understand the pitfalls to watch out for.

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What is the minimum wage for an Apprentice?

The minimum wage for an apprenticeship is set by the Government and changes in line with Government increases, you can view the current hourly rates

Are there any fees I have to pay?

No, the programme is fully funded by the Government - the only payments that you will need to make are for books and trips as you would with a place at College.

Don't forget you may be entitled to support for the purchasing of books, etc.

What Financial Support is Available?

There is some financial support available which is related to the household total income. Anyone aged between 16-18 may also be able to have access to a Bursary scheme.  These are discussed on an individual basis.  We also help towards the cost of travel to the centres up to £10 per week.

If you child is completing a full time course then you will still be able to receive certain benefits as they are still in full time education. 

Help with Childcare Costs

Individuals with young children are still able to participate on courses - Care to Learn provides financial support to teenage parents who want to continue their education and need help with the cost of childcare and any associated travel.

Information on the scheme is available on the website or if you prefer to discuss your options please contact our recruitment team on 023 9253 8724.

Where does the training take place?

For an Apprenticeship the majority of the training is on-the-job with some off-the-job training taking place at one of our Centres;

  • Business and Customer Services - Portsmouth
  • Engineering and Warehousing - Havant
  • ICT - Cosham

Our full-time courses are also delivered at the locations above.

Will I lose my child benefit allowance?

You will still be able to claim child benefit as your child is still in full time education (note full-time is an average of 12 hours or more per week).  If you claim working tax credits you will need to inform the HRMC with the full title of the course and where they are studying. 

Apprentices are employed and therefore child benefit would not be payable.

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