As a registered charity run by Directors and Senior Managers from local business, PETA is widely recognised for its openness, transparency and high levels of customer care.

Each year we support, guide and train literally thousands of young people and adults to develop their knowledge and skills to advance their career potential. Reliability, trust and integrity play a big part in our success and to this end an extensive and robust set of policies and procedures exist to which the charity trustees, managers and staff of the company are required to implement, monitor and uphold.

Our policies are broad principles and guidelines that are designed to regulate and control the actions and behaviour of our staff and learners. Our procedures identify the methods we use to manage and administer various activities and processes related to the provision of our training services and these are usually much more specific than policies. The benefit of developing clearly written policies and procedures that are documented, updated and followed is that they bring structure to the organisation and to the delivery of our teaching, learning and assessment, thus resulting in a quality enriched learning experience.

Some of the more common policies that our customers, learners and stakeholders often refer to or express an interest in are listed on this page. If there is a particular policy you are seeking which is not listed here then please contact us.

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