Training Options

Flexible training delivery that fits with your business schedule

From one-day short courses to a tailored company-wide programme, we offer corporate training that is flexible, adaptable and designed to work in harmony with your business schedule. We will always provide options that deliver positive results for your business and your people.

The following offers a short summary of the types of training we offer and the associated delivery methods.


Short Training Courses

Covering a wide range of topics, these courses are available on set dates throughout the year and are delivered at one of PETA's training centres. Delivered as a more traditional training course, delegates will work together to build a level of understanding in their chosen topic with guidance from one of PETA's specialist tutors. 

Learning doesn't have to stop there. Rather than taking abstract notes back to the office, our short training courses can be combined with pre- and post-course eLearning modules to help delegates apply that knowledge to their own business processes. 


Blended In-Person and eLearning Options

PETA offers training that is flexible, adaptable and designed to work in harmony with your business schedule. Whether you’re looking for a remote eLearning platform, 1-2-1 coaching (in-person or via Zoom) or a bespoke company-wide e-training programme, PETA can offer a tailored approach that blends digital and in-person training in a way that is designed to deliver positive results for your business and your people.


Company Sponsored Training

With company-sponsored training, PETA will contextualise an existing training course to reflect your company policies, values, business goals and the wider industry. This form of training is commonly used when delegates will benefit from understanding real-world examples, tailored to their own business processes.

These courses can be held at your facility or at a PETA training centre. Training times can be adjusted and we can adjust the start and finish times to fit into your business cycle (including evenings and weekends), so the training becomes highly personalised and achieves the results you need.


Bespoke Training Programmes

Starting with a blank canvas PETA will design a training programme that is personalised to your business requirements and desired outcomes, whether you are looking to increase knowledge or facilitate behavioural change.Programmes can combine training with industry-recognised qualifications or accreditations too. 

Programmes can be delivered as short workshops or full training days and can be held at a venue of your choosing, whether that's PETA's purpose-built training rooms, at your business premises or as part of an outdoor activity led training session. 


Industry Recognised Qualifications

Many of our courses lead to recognised qualifications; a great incentive for your people to gain formal recognition, and a brilliant indicator to your customers of the quality of knowledge and skills of your staff.



An Apprenticeship is a great development tool for both new and existing staff and is fully or partially funded by the Government, using the Apprenticeship Levy or co-investment models. They offer a structured and longer-term plan of development, for new recruits through to upskilling existing staff.

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