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PETA is built by local businesses, for local businesses. We are run by an elected council made up from our community of over 300 local and international companies.

Our members help us shape the future of corporate training in business, which means that our courses, qualifications and apprenticeships are always relevant to the market and sought after by employers. 

Upon joining PETA your company becomes a part-owner of the business. As a key stakeholder, you have the opportunity to attend networking events, annual meetings, connect with the community and influence the direction of PETA. 

Membership is open to any company who wishes to benefit from access to local industry experts, substantial discounts on corporate training and a range of free consultancy services. In addition, many join to become part of an organisation that promotes the benefits of corporate training and apprenticeships in the local area.

Some of the benefits of joining are listed below.



Fantastic Discounts

  • 15% discount on apprentice monitoring and assessment
  • 15% discount on business advisory services 
  • 15% discount on consultancy projects
  • 15% discount on short courses, seminars and workshops
  • 20% discount on venue hire

Priority Status 

  • Exclusive early-bird offers
  • Priority booking for networking events
  • A dedicated Training Consultant
  • 30-day payment terms after service
  • Opportunity to join the PETA Board of Directors

Free Services 

  • Training strategy health check
  • Market-leading industry intelligence
  • Access to a vibrant, diverse community of local businesses
  • Exclusive access to local networking events
  • FREE Apprentice Mentoring training course

Membership Fees

Membership fees applicable to 31 July 2024

Number of Employees Joining Fee Annual Fee Total (Excl. VAT) Charities**
1 - 10 £245 £78 £323 £290.70
11 - 60 £245 £265 £510 £459.00
61+ £245 £499 £744 £669.60
Group* £245 £769 £1,014 £912.60


Membership fees applicable from 1 August 2024

Number of Employees Joining Fee Annual Fee Total (Excl. VAT) Charities**
1 - 10 £250 £82 £332 £298.90
11 - 60 £250 £279 £529 £476.10
61+ £250 £524 £774 £696.60
Group* £250 £808 £1,058 £952.20

*Group membership is available to those who are registered as a parent company with legal subsidiaries. This does not include Associates.

**A 10% discount on Membership Fees is available to registered charities for the first year of membership. 


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