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Psychometric Profiling

Develop an understanding of personalities and behaviours to support your team's development

Developing an understanding of how people think and the reasons behind their behaviour can be invaluable to a business. Here is a guide to a few of the most popular tools and techniques which can be used to support team and individual development.

Profiling Tools can be incorporated as part of company-sponsored or bespoke training options

Myers Briggs Theory and the MBTI Model

The Myers Briggs MBTI system is personality profiling using four-scale structure for identifying and categorising an individual’s behavioural preferences, based almost entirely on Carl Jung’s theories and his (translated) descriptive words. Awareness of differences between psychological types can help people understand the values of other people who think and act differently, thus understanding and appreciating the differences between people. It is important to understand that, as all types are equal, there is not best type.

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Have you ever wondered why you get on with an individual better than someone else, or why you are able to communicate clearly with one person but not with another? The Strength Deployment Inventory Questionnaire helps individuals understand their personal values and in turn their colleagues’ values. It can help resolve communication issues, avoid costly personality conflicts, and identify how to give and receive motivational feedback.  As a result, the SDI will increase the skill to provide improved leadership through better understanding of self and others.


Do you ever come away from a conversation thinking, well, that wasn’t the response I was expecting?  Do you ever find yourself listening to someone, summarising what they’ve said only to see a confused look on their face that clearly tells you that wasn’t what they meant at all?

VoicePrint is a personal profiling tool that helps you visualise and understand the way in which you talk, how you’re heard by others, the impact that you have and your ability to communicate, engage and influence. This helps you to understand how the ‘voice’ you use affects your ability to engage others and how this then translates to both individual and organisational performance.

Insights Discovery

Which of the eight personality types are you? Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on Jungian psychology, which utilizes a four-colour model; Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green and each has its own unique key personality traits, preferences and associated behaviours. Whether you use this hugely popular tool for individual performance or wider team development, this will increase self-awareness, communication, decision-making and ultimately performance.

"For a number of years at Kenwood, we have been using the Myers Briggs MBTI to allow new employees to develop a high level of self-awareness in line with our core competencies.

The practical workshops delivered by PETA have significantly improved the way in which people work together, and continue to increase communication throughout the business.

Whilst usually delivered as a face-to-face workshop, we recently switched to a virtual session which has improved flexibility without adversely affecting the outcome or the experience. "

Liz Pillans - Talent Acquisition and Development Manager at De'Longhi Group 

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