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Recruiting An Apprentice

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Why hire an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice is an effective way to grow your talent, bring fresh insight into your business and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Trusted by employers large and small, PETA works with businesses to identify the right apprenticeship programme and deliver flexible, high-quality training from start to finish.

We have a highly experienced Engagement Team on hand to support your business. From selecting programmes, sourcing the right candidates and delivering excellent training, we are dedicated to ensuring every aspect of the journey meets your business needs.

Whether taking on a new member of staff or upskilling your current workforce, we will create a successful apprenticeship programme that works for you.

How do apprenticeships benefit employers?

Cost-effective recruitment

The government have introduced several strategies to help businesses with the cost of training and assessment, including the Apprenticeship Levy which was introduced in 2017.

With a host of funding incentives available, an apprenticeship programme is a cost-effective way of injecting raw talent into your business. 

Tailored training 

Apprenticeship training is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your business.

Using a framework of standards set with your training provider, you can train a new apprentice in your business practices, safe in the knowledge they are building the right skill set from day one. 

Give back to your local community

Setting up an apprenticeship programme is a productive way for your business to give back to the local community.

By setting up an apprenticeship programme, you are giving young people a fair chance to advance from education to employment, with training, qualifications, a fair wage - and none of the student debt!

Build longevity into your business

Up to 94%* of PETA apprentices stay in employment after completing their apprenticeship.

Introducing an apprenticeship programme into your business will build a pipeline of talent that can be trained up to management level. This will effectively increase staff retention by putting personal development at the forefront of your business model. 

How do I find the right apprentice?

When you select PETA as your apprenticeship training partner, we'll provide a comprehensive recruitment service which includes:

  • Your own recruitment consultant from our experienced engagement team, offering support in candidate selection
  • Full job description and advertisements on national advertising boards, social media and the PETA website
  • Pre-interview selection and candidate screening
  • Interview support and follow-up for candidates and employers
  • Initial assessment of skills, including Maths and English

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