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Membership Fees 

Membership fees applicable from 1 April 2023

Number of Employees Joining Fee Annual Fee Total (Excl. VAT) Charities**
1 - 10 £245 £78 £323 £290.70
11 - 60 £245 £265 £510 £459.00
61+ £245 £499 £744 £669.60
Group* £245 £769 £1,014 £912.60

*Group membership is available to those who are registered as a parent company with legal subsidiaries. This does not include Associates.

**A 10% discount on Membership Fees is available to registered charities for the first year of membership. 


To apply for Membership, please complete the following application form. If you are applying for Group Membership, please contact PETA directly to discuss your application and request your subsidiary application form.

Please note, Membership is for your company as opposed to an individual. Completion of an application is acceptance of the rules of membership and associated Memorandum and Articles of Association, which are available on request.