Policies and Information

Sub Contracted Training Provision

This document sets out PETA Limited’s Sub-Contracted Training Provision Policy for 2021/22.  The policy applies to all provision that is sub-contracted by PETA Limited under its contract for services with the Skills Funding Agency and is effective from 1 August 2021.

The policy will be published on the PETA Limited website and reviewed annually.


PETA Limited is an approved Training Provider for the supply of training and assessment of learners participating in Government funded programmes.  Some of this provision may be delivered via a Sub-Contracted organisation to help ensure PETA Limited can effectively respond to employer demand and local skills priorities, and that may either:

  • Deliver geographical support to both learners and employers, enabling access to Apprenticeships and training in the Solent region, that is relevant to their sector through training facilities based along the M27 corridor
  • Enhance the core delivery of the PETA offer by fulfilling specialist delivery as a component of the learning programme

Our Expectation

Our commitment to continuous improvement in providing the highest quality training and skills development to our learners is reflected in the high standards we expect from our Training Delivery Partners.  When choosing to sub-contract with Delivery Partners, we look to ensure that partner organisations share the same vision and commitment and that they have the capacity and capability to deliver to the standards we require.  This will be achieved by ensuring Due Diligence, Observation and Monitoring of sub-contracted delivery.

Implementation and Fees

The policy will be communicated and discussed with all new and existing sub-contractors prior to the signing of any Service Level Specification for the specific contract year which runs from 1 August – 31 July.

Delivery Partners must agree to the terms and conditions of the PETA Limited Service Level Specification and the delivery requirements detailed in the PETA Limited Purchase Order prior to any payment being issued.  On satisfactory receipt of these documents, staged payments will be made commensurate with the Education and Skills Funding Agency contracted payment profile to PETA limited.