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Lift Truck and Mechanical Handling

Build the knowledge and confidence to safely handle a variety of lift truck equipment 

PETA can provide bespoke Lift Truck and Mechanical Handling training, designed to fit with your business operations, processes and premises. 

Whether you are training at a novice level or refreshing an experts knowledge, these services are designed to fulfil your lift truck training requirements and exact learning needs. Our bespoke training options will maximise your training budget and prove a greater return on investment than with a standardised course. The examples provided are just a snapshot of what we are able to provide and our Training Consultants are on-hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Pedestrian Palletiser

Moving materials safely and in a manner to avoid costly damage is essential in a warehouse environment. Delivered as a half-day course at your facility in groups sizes of no more than six delegates, this practical workshop offers the perfect basis for educating and installing best practice into operating this equipment safely and efficiently, including hazards and safety techniques, operation and loading of the palletiser; steering, stacking and de-stacking.


If you work in construction or in a warehouse environment and your work involves the occasional use of slinging and lifting equipment, this course offers a sound foundation that covers slinging techniques and aligns to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998. It will cover the basic skills and techniques associated with slinging and lifting, the legal as well as the technical aspects of this process and safe working procedures associated with wires, ropes, spreader beams, and a variety of lifting appliances.

Overhead Crane

This course provides training for those who have experience in crane operation including slinging and lifting but require accredited training. This course will cover the general hazards of working with cranes, an inspection of equipment, ropes, chains, accessories and signalling, slinging methods and exercises, the safety implications of operating overhead cranes and how to operate safe systems of work.

Scissor Lift/MEWP

Scissor lift training is designed for anyone who needs to be able to operate a scissor lift or mobile elevated work platform (MEWP). Using real equipment, this course will develop operators’ knowledge and practical skills in conducting inspection checks, using correct personal protective equipment, codes of practice, the legal position and combine theory with practical exercises.

Cherry Picker

The cherry picker enables working at height quickly and safely. This course provides a good understanding of the equipment, covers the various safety risks involved and ensures the equipment is being used to industry standards and codes of practice.

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