Apprenticeship Training

Becoming an Apprentice

Connecting you with the right career

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job with practical experience, a salary and an opportunity to earn qualifications while you work. It's the start of your new career.

Apprenticeships have changed a lot since they first began. They are no longer just a single qualification but a viable route into career progression and higher-level learning, even a degree if you should want one. 

Along with vocational qualifications, you learn teamwork, critical thinking skills and will build a thorough understanding of employment rights and responsibilities.  All of this will knowledge will set you on the right path to your chosen career. 

Whether you have left school, are thinking of leaving college or simply looking to change your career, an apprenticeship could very well be the right path for you.

What are the benefits of becoming an apprentice?

Huge range of career opportunities

If you are 16 or over, you can apply for an apprenticeship across a whole range of sectors including Engineering, Software Development, Network Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Customer Service…and many more!

Avoid student debt and get paid to qualify

The upper limit for university fees alone is £9,250 per year. With an apprenticeship, you can avoid the student debt and get paid to work, learn and qualify.

Gain valuable work experience

Get the valuable in-work experience that will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to moving forward with your career.

Vetted Employers

PETA works with a number of employers across Hampshire to provide high-quality apprenticeship training, including Garmin, BAE, Eaton, Fat Face, and more.

Each employer is vetted to ensure you receive the same benefits and contractual rights as any member of the team. Most will attend an Apprentice Mentoring Workshop to ensure they can provide you with the right support, right from the start.