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Build a robust foundation of digital skills and software knowledge across your business

In today's digital age, businesses must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. By equipping employees with the latest digital skills and tools, organisations can adapt more readily to technological advancements, innovate faster, and stay ahead of competitors.

Whilst courses provide a brilliant method of training in digital skills, at times the content may not meet a more complex or individualistic need. This is where a more flexible and adaptable range of solutions are needed. Our advisory and consultancy services offer just that. Our team of specialist consultants will work with you to scope the project based on your individual requirements, enabling you to get the return on investment you need.

Benefits of a Tailored Approach

• Maximised Engagement: Customised training speaks directly to the concerns and interests of your workforce, leading to higher levels of engagement and participation. When employees see the direct relevance of the training to their daily tasks, they are more motivated to actively participate and apply their newfound knowledge.

• Efficiency: Bespoke training focuses solely on the areas where improvement is needed, eliminating time wasted on irrelevant topics. This targeted approach allows for more efficient use of employees' time and resources, leading to quicker skill acquisition and implementation.

• Flexibility: Personalised training solutions offer flexibility in terms of content, delivery methods, and scheduling. Businesses can choose the format and timing that best suit their operational requirements, ensuring minimal disruption to workflows while maximising training effectiveness.

• Measurable Results: With a tailored training solution, it's easier to track and measure the impact on key performance indicators relevant to your business objectives. This enables organisations to demonstrate a clear return on investment and make data-driven decisions regarding future training needs.


PETA’s Bespoke IT Training Solutions 

Digital Skills Coaching Sessions

Creating a workforce of digitally adept users is essential to meeting the demands of business, particularly in an environment where many people are self-taught in Microsoft Office applications.

Our solution is to offer Digital Skills Coaching; a highly flexible and customised service that caters to the specific skills development needs of your employees.

How it works

  1. You book a full day of our IT trainer’s time to come to your site
  2. Time slots of 60 minutes enable up to 6 people to book an individual session of support
  3. Your employees book their time slot
  4. The IT trainer will work with the individual(s) in their session to coach them in using applications effectively.

 The result is a quick solution to increasing IT skills, where knowledge can immediately be applied within their role.


Problem: An individual is struggling with spreadsheets that require information housed in several differing cells to be calculated. They know the basics of formulas but are struggling with more complex calculations and are not sure how to do things. Ultimately, they resort to manual calculations!
Solution: A 60-minute session explaining formulas and functions related to the specific problem they are trying to solve resulting in time saved and increased accuracy in the data.


  • This is an agile service delivered at your facility at a time and date that best suits you.
  • It minimises time spent on longer courses and focuses on specific areas where individuals need to fine tune their skills.

Price (exc travel and VAT)

Members: £795 (full-day rate)
Non-members: £935 (full-day rate)


MS Digital Champions

In today’s digital-driven landscape, mastering Microsoft skills is critical for business seeking to thrive, yet many organisations are faced with significant gaps in the digital skills capabilities of their workforce.

With this ‘pick n mix’ solution, organisations can design their own day or half-day of training, choosing from a selection of modules that will develop and enhance digital skills across the Microsoft suite of applications.

How it works

• These sessions are delivered as 1.5-hour online training modules
• Organisations choose the most relevant modules to meet their training needs
• 2 modules are delivered as a half-day session
• 4 modules are delivered as a full-day session


  • Microsoft Teams – covers the following:
    • Effective Communication
    • Groups and Teams
    • Online Document Collaboration
  • Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive – covers the following:
    • What is SharePoint/OneDrive?
    • Linking SharePoint Library to OneDrive
    • Sharing and Sharing Rules
  • Microsoft Outlook – covers the following:
    • Rules for emails
    • Quick Links
    • Advanced Find
  • Microsoft Planner – covers the following:
    • Creating a Plan
    • Integration with other Microsoft Tools
  • Microsoft Forms – covers the following:
    • Making a form/quiz
    • Branching and other options
    • Creating live Q&A on screen

Price (exc VAT)

Full-day (4 modules)

  • Members: £1258
  • Non-members: £1480

Half-day (2 modules)

  • Members: £837
  • Non-members: £985


Digital Skills Assessment

Finding a perfect solution for the digital skills gaps within an organisation can feel overwhelming; and with so many different skill levels to consider, it can be hard to know where to start.

Our Digital Skills Assessment service provides a full-scale evaluation of the digital skills of your workforce, allowing a personalised approach to resolving your skills gaps.

How it works

  1. Your team completes our Digital Assessment Survey - which can be tailored to your needs if required. This will assess the current digital skills of your workforce. 
  2. Our ICT consultant will produce a Digital Competency Report, based on the results of the survey, outlining the strengths and areas of improvement  
  3. You will then meet with our ICT consultant for a 1-hour Consultancy Review, to discuss and review the results of the survey 
  4. Our training consultant will then create a bespoke Digital Competency Development Plan, which you can implement into your organisation 

Price (exc VAT)

Members: £3544
Non-members: £4170

These prices are for our standard Digital Skills Assessment service, additional costs apply for any  extra personalisations.


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