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Build a robust foundation of digital skills and software knowledge across your business

From Adobe to Microsoft Office, our experienced IT Consultants can help you improve digital skills and build a robust foundation of software knowledge across your business.

Offering practical support, expert troubleshooting and much more, PETA's range of IT support services are flexible and adaptable to help you overcome those everyday IT challenges. 

By listening to you and understanding where your challenges lie, our IT Consultants can tailor a flexible and responsive offer that provides the exact solution you need. 

An initial consultation meeting with your dedicated IT Consultant will give them the opportunity to recommend and tailor a bespoke package from the services listed below.

IT Surgeries

A brilliant concept in ‘mentoring’ application users that involves a Microsoft expert visiting your premises and holding 60-minute surgeries with staff on a ‘booked’ session basis. Individuals gain skills in areas causing the most difficulty. This delivers a boost to skills and resolves some of the knowledge gaps that may be inhibiting user confidence, accuracy and speed.

IT Training Skills Analysis

We all believe we know all that Microsoft Office has to offer but how many of us can truly say we use these programmes to their full potential? Our IT Training Health Check will highlight skills gaps and will deliver visibility of the specific training required to uplift skills to the appropriate level.

First Line Support

Develop your First Line support for IT to improve capacity and promote a timely resolution to IT issues faced on a day-to-day basis. This service can be linked to BCS - The Chartered Institute of IT qualifications.

Spreadsheet Integration: Making Data Work Smarter

Spreadsheets. The lifeline to most business operations, yet we often miss the opportunity to link and integrate data from multiple sources to create a data powerhouse. This service will explore your data sources and find ways to create smarter, more intuitive and (most importantly) accurate spreadsheets - saving you both time and money.

Dashboard and Metrics Management

Metrics are fundamental to all business operations. By consulting with your key data managers, we can develop new or existing dashboards to give you better visibility of the performance measures critical to business success.

Building your SharePoint Capability

Many businesses are turning to SharePoint as the way forward in collaborative working. Using the expertise of our SharePoint Consultant, we will tailor a support programme that develops your SharePoint usage and integrates it into your business operations. 

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