PETA Apprenticeship of the Year Awards 2018

This year’s event saw 21 apprentices nominated in four categories. The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth councillor Ken Ellcome presented the nominees and the winners with their awards.

Huw Chapman, CEO of PETA Ltd said, “The calibre of entrants this year was phenomenal. We are so proud of our apprentices and the contribution they are making in their workplaces.”


Oliver Baxendale of Onestream won the overall Apprentice of the Year Best in Business Apprenticeships Award.

Oliver’s employer Darren Searle said, “Ollie has been outstanding in every aspect of his role. Considering Ollie has chosen to work within the sales industry, which can be very difficult to adapt too, he has shown real maturity and professionalism since joining Onestream. His work rate is second to none in the office and his figures speak volumes! Every month I have set Ollie a target and he has exceeded it every time! I am convinced Ollie will be a very successful salesman, with his drive and determination I welcome him to stay and progress with Onestream. Ollie has also been recognised by the COO of Onecom for his work and figures, to be recognised by this level is unheard of for any ‘new start’ let alone someone of Ollie’s age. Ollie has become an integral part of the Onestream team, he gets on well with everyone that works for the company and his level of respect to others is gratefully received.”


Connor McGiffen of Carrera UK won Best in Class for ICT Apprenticeships Award.

Connors employer Gary Mullineaux said “Connors skill in sourcing and implementing new services have added a valuable new branch to the Business. Connor has grown a lot since joining, he has built his confidence and will have a crack at any challenges sent his way.  He has grown into a well-respected, knowledgable member of the team. He has shown a vast improvement on the work he is producing for PETA whilst still being efficent with his job. He always likes setting high standards for himself and always trys to meet that standard. We are extremely proud of Connor and wish him every success."


Manjinder Billen of Qioptiq won Best in Class for Engineering Apprenticeships Award


Manjinder’s employer Gerald Smith said: "Manny has an extremely positive approach to work at Qioptiq Photonics and it has been a pleasure to work with him on a range of challenging design projects. During his apprenticeship, his technical abilities and confidence have grown so that he is now seen as a competent design authority, with the ability to work on an individual basis where the scope of the project is clear or as part of a wider multi-disciplinary team on more complex activities. His work has directly influenced the timeliness of introduction of new products at Qioptiq and the quality of those products perceived by the end customers. Manny does not shy away from the routine work as well as excelling at the creative and novel projects. He has shown strong leadership qualities by guiding other apprentices at work and has helped colleagues learn aspects of his design role to speed up the delivery of changes and improvements to other product ranges."


Jessica Goodyear of Linet UK won Best in Class for Management Apprenticeships Award.


Jessica’s employer Ian Pearce-Bayliss said,“Jess has grasped the art of empowering her team to become more involved and engaged in the decontamination processes resulting in not only her development as a leader but individuals developing their own skill with Jess acting as a mentor bringing employee engagement to a much higher level."   


The event was attended by over 100 employers, parents and apprentices.

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