Meet the experts...

Meet the experts... Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake
Safety Trainer/Adviser

Sarah is an experienced and adaptable member of the Safety Team, bringing a solid level of safety expertise from her past roles. She is enthusiastic and dynamic, with a real passion for the subject and brings a modern and contemporary feel to her training and advisory sessions. Sarah is a Technical member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (TechIOSH).

What attracted you to a health and safety training role?
I got bitten by the bug! I completed a number of health and safety qualifications, which really piqued my interest. I found that I was very passionate about the subject and that I wanted to pass that onto others.

What elements of your work experience do you draw on when teaching?
In one of my previous roles, health and safety was regarded negatively and as a nuisance and this misconception continually inspires me to spread the word that health and safety is crucial and extremely interesting!

What’s your teaching style?
I’m just myself. I’ve attended some very boring courses over the years and I wanted to make sure I never delivered any like that! It’s an exciting topic and I like to liven up the content to make it more interesting for those attending. I really believe in what I’m talking about and I think that comes through in my sessions.

How do you make the courses interesting?
I’m an active learner so I learn best by doing. I find out what sort of learners my attendees are, and I incorporate that into the sessions so there’s something for everyone. The theory is interspersed with discussions, videos, activities and demonstrations to get everyone involved. On one course, the delegates got to play with fire extinguishers, which was a great way of learning how to use them. Our courses are two-way, it’s not just me talking and the attendees sitting there listening all day. I like to engage and involve everyone!

What is the key message you want to get across?
Health and safety effects everyone. I hope that everyone that attends my courses comes away feeling more positive about health and safety. I do this job because I want people to be safe. If just one thing that I’ve said sticks in their mind and as a result they make a change for the better, then it’s worth it as we’ve had a positive impact on them.

What’s it like working for PETA?
The people are great. I feel like a highly valued member of staff and that my opinion counts and is listened to. They’re an employer that not only allows you to grow, but actively facilitates it. I’ve been given opportunities to develop myself, backed by their encouragement, and this level of support is truly refreshing.

What do her delegates say about her?

“Sarah was fantastic. Friendly and approachable and made the course great fun.”

“Fantastic delivery of the course by Sarah.  Ability to engage with the delegates as well as make the course informative and interesting.”

“Sarah made the subject fun and interesting which made it easier to remember. I actually looked forward to the classes!”

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