Drop in number of young people who think uni is important

There’s been a significant drop in the number of young people who think going to university is important for succeeding in life. Educational charity The Sutton Trust instructed Ipsos MORI to survey 2,381 young people aged 11-16 across England and Wales on their attitudes towards higher education. The Trust has monitored this trend since 2003.

The survey found that:

  • 75% feel that university is worth it, down from 86% five years ago

  • Only 32% think they are ‘very likely’ to go into higher education (down from a high of 41% in 2009)

  • 46% of young people likely to go to university are worried about the cost of higher education

  • The most commonly cited financial worries are about tuition fees (38%) and repaying student loans for up to 30 years (24%)

  • Of those that said they are unlikely to go into higher education, the most common set of reasons was that they didn’t like this type of learning (58%), financial reasons (44%) and young people thinking that university is not necessary to achieve their ideal job (35%)

PETA CEO Huw Chapman commented on the subject on Wave 105:

Huw Chapman PETA CEO

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