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Since 1946, Lewmar has dedicated itself to making time spent on the water as easy and stress-free as possible; designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable products of the highest quality.

With a portfolio of hardware, winches, hydraulics, windlasses, anchors, thrusters, steering systems, hatches and portlights to suit every boat from the smallest day fisher to largest mega-yacht, Lewmar can supply a complete solution whatever your project and requirements.

The requirement:

Matt Moody was recruited by Lewmar in January 2016 as a machinist, but after just a couple of months in the role it became apparent that he had the potential to move into the Projects Team as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Lewmar have used PETA before for apprenticeship training and were pleased with the results so they contacted PETA again to put a plan in place for Matt’s training. He initially started the Level 2 NVQ, but after moving into the Projects Team, Lewmar decided to change his training to match. They wanted him to be able to lead small projects and take on a moderate level of responsibility so they needed an apprenticeship programme that would enable him to gain the appropriate skills.

The solution:

Lewmar had seen the success of another employee on the Level 3 Technical Support Technician Apprenticeship so they knew that was the best route for Matt, so he started that in September 2016. There was a 12-month foundation phase of training, which covered machine skills and CNC milling and turning. The apprenticeship encompassed an NVQ qualification as well as a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

The programme covered many engineering elements such as engineering skills, how to use machinery, code and conduct in engineering, how to be an effective engineer, problem solving and critical thinking.

Matt had to complete assignments throughout the duration of the programme, as well as a portfolio of evidence for his NVQ. For the BTEC assignments, pass, merit and distinction grades are up for grabs. To gain a merit you have to extend the assignments with some additional work, and to gain a distinction, a lot of extra research must be put in. Matt gained an impressive double distinction for his hard work.

The challenge:

Time management was a challenge during this training as Matt not only had to work a 37-hour week, but he also had to find the time to complete his assignments for both the NVQ and BTEC qualifications as well. Although it was tough, with support from PETA and Lewmar, Matt was able to successfully juggle everything to ensure an extremely positive outcome.

In addition to that, Matt’s line manager, Dave, is also his dad, so he felt he had even more to prove. He made sure that he put in 110% to show that it was his abilities that landed him the role.

The outcome:

During his apprenticeship Matt gained an understanding of the manufacturing processes before getting involved with manufacturing projects onsite. This included ensuring process flow, identifying potential points of failure and building resilience into the manufacture of large-scale glass products for luxury powerboats.

Matt was involved with the setting up of manufacturing cells and production engineering activities, as well as being part of the hands-on team setting up work areas.

Around the same time that Matt joined Lewmar, new equipment for machining glass was purchased by the company, so part of Matt’s training was learning how to use that. Boats are currently switching from acrylic to glass for parts such as portholes, lights and hatches and this new machine enables Lewmar to engineer all the new parts in glass and supply them to the industry.

Following on from his distinction success in the BTEC Diploma, he has now progressed onto an HNC qualification as part of his continuing professional development with Lewmar.

PETA Assessor Phil Brooke said: “Matt was really self-motivated and always did more work than he was asked to. He’s dedicated to his job, always willing to go that extra mile. He’s done really well and now holds an important position at Lewmar thanks to his hard work.”


“I’m so pleased with the results of my training with PETA. All the skills that I’ve learnt are transferable so they’ll look great on my CV should I wish to pursue other roles in the future. I appreciated the fact that the PETA staff treated me as an adult rather than a kid; they were so supportive and not at all patronising. Whenever I needed assistance with anything, they were always more than happy to help.”
Matt Moody

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Photo: (left to right) Dave Moody and Matt Moody

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