New PETA Identity Coming Soon

PETA, the leading provider of professional training and apprenticeships on the South Coast, is proud to announce the launch of a new logo and aesthetic as part of an ongoing evolution of the brand.

Founded in 1970 by Alex Zemenides, PETA began as the Portsmouth Engineering Training Association, dedicated to delivering quality engineering and business training in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

In the last 50 years, PETA has evolved to become the leading provider of training, advisory services and apprenticeships on the South Coast, fostering a growing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

Why now?

Attitudes and approaches to professional training are changing, as are digital habits and workplace cultures – if PETA is to stay relevant to customers and members, we need to address these factors as part of the ongoing business and brand strategy.

Internally, PETA has naturally evolved and developed as the business has grown, and in celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2020, it felt like the right time to approach a refresh, whilst respecting the past and legacy from which we have grown.

The PETA Brand

As part of our new brand strategy, we have refreshed and updated our vision, mission, values and aesthetic, to be more in line with our customers, members and learners.

About Us

PETA is a pioneer in lifelong learning and career transformation, specialising in corporate training for today’s most in-demand professional skills, technical expertise and business improvement courses.

With over 50 years’ experience, we are the leading provider of training, advisory services and apprenticeships, fostering a community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

Our Vision

To build the next generation of business leaders, technical experts and engineers in a world where lifelong learning and development is at the forefront of business growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide relevant learning and development opportunities that accelerate personal growth and business prosperity for every customer.

Our Values

Aspire to Learn, Apply to Advance


We whole-heartedly support our customers in their aspirations to grow by developing the skills they need to get there.


We always listen, learn and question the norm to create new best practices and encourage a lifelong passion for learning.


We champion the application of learning and its impact on business prosperity and personal growth.


We give local businesses and local people a voice in how adult education and training should advance to best meet their needs.

What does the new brand look like?

Whilst the look and feel of PETA is changing, we are proud of our rich history and reputation as the quality training provider that our members and customers have come to know and love. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce the new PETA logo.

The new logo represents the growth and success that comes from knowledge and information. It conveys the lifelong learning journey that our customers are pursuing, and the acceleration of personal growth and business prosperity that we hope to provide for every customer - from the school leaver to the seasoned CEO. 

What happens now?

In the upcoming months, we will be updating all our marketing literature and our online presence will be updated to reflect the new PETA design.

Our new website and online booking and payment functionality will be released in due course, and we will be in touch with our customers, members and business partners with more information closer to the time.

Meanwhile, we invite our business partners and member companies to contacts us via with any questions or to obtain a copy of the new brand information pack. 

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Serenity Digital for designing the new logo, brand aesthetic and website.

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