Right to Work in the UK

In accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationalities Act 2006 (the Act), as an employer, we have a legal obligation to ensure all candidates have the right to work in the United Kingdom.

To ensure the Company does not breach immigration legislation, we will check and record certain specified documents belonging to potential employees. This is usually a UK Passport, Birth Certificate or a valid Residency Certificate. The required documents are set out in List A and List B of the UK Border Agency’s guidance notes and you will be asked to produce the necessary documents in accordance with the Lists when attending your interview.

Please note that the onus remains on the candidate to demonstrate that you are permitted to do the job being offered as employment and are eligible to work in the UK.

In complying with our obligations under immigration rules, we take special care to ensure the Company does not unlawfully discriminate against individuals on racial or ethnic grounds or in respect of any other protected characteristic under equality legislation.

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