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What Apprenticeships does PETA offer?

PETA specialises in the delivery of Business, ICT and Engineering Apprenticeships which impact on many vital areas of every business.

These Apprenticeships can be used to support your administrative functions, marketing, digital media, sales, accounts, events, networking, ICT infrastructure, user support, website management, fabrciation and welding, electrical and electronics, mechanical machining and CNC, maintenance and many other roles.

We will identify the right Apprenticeship for the role you have.

What will it cost me?
  • The Government will contribute 90% of training costs to Non-levy (less than £3 million payroll) employers 
  • You will receive £1,000 incentive for Apprentices aged 16-18
  • Employers with less than 50 employees will have 100% of their training costs covered if the Apprentice is aged 16-18

If you are a levy paying organisation then why not consider maximising your levy with our Managed Service Solution?

Don't forget the wage you pay your Apprentice will be decided by you but must conform with the minimum wage as detailed on the Government website.

We will discuss with you your options and the associated costs in full at the time we meet with you.

Do I need to employ the Apprentice?

Technically yes, however, there are two options available to you:

  1. Employ the Apprentice from day one - the Apprentice is employed directly by you under your company's terms and conditions of employment, whether they are sourced from PETA, by yourselves or if they are an existing member of your workforce.
  2. Host the Apprentice - your Company agrees to host the Apprentice through their Apprenticeship programme.  They are not on your headcount, but are employed by an Apprenticeship Training Agency (Apprenticeship Solutions).

What is a hosted Apprentice?

The hosted Apprentice option offers employers, with headcount restrictions, a proven and cost effective route to ensuring their future skill base.  It operates on the basis that a company agrees to host a selected Apprentice where a fee is paid to an Apprenticeship Training Agency (Apprenticeship Solutions) who employ the Apprentice.  Minimum agency costs will apply along with any other training related fees.

What should I pay the Apprentice?

It is law to pay at least the national minimum wage as set by the Government.

You should note also that there is an Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage which recognises that Apprentices are trainees and therefore a reduced wage can be paid.

PETA undertakes an annual review of Apprentice salaries and can advise you on the average wages paid for the type of Apprentice you are seeking and the level in which they will be operating.

Will there be a mountain of paperwork?

No, PETA will manage the Apprenticeship and administer the paperwork thus removing this time consuming task from you, the employer.

Who chooses the Apprentice?

Once PETA has completed the initial interviews and shortlisted suitable candidates, the employer will then review the candidates, shortlist again if necessary and interview those they are most interested in.

The final decision to appoint is made by the employer, this is irrelevant of the status of the Apprentice, ie hosted or employed.

How is the training delivered?

Off-the-job training is either delivered in one of our own training centres or on a day release basis at a college. All on-the-job training is undertaken in the workplace.

How long is an Apprenticeship?

The duration of an Apprenticeship varies depending upon the type and level.  The minimum duration of an Apprenticeship is 13 months.

What health and safety procedures do I need?

All employers must have as a minimum an Employers Liability Insurance. The work place needs to conform to health and safety requirements and you will need to demonstrate this compliance. In addition PETA will also undertake a work place assessment prior to the start of the Apprenticeship.

If you employ an Apprentice under the age of 18 years a young persons risk assessment will be required, PETA can assist you with this if required.

How do I train my Apprentice?

A PETA Assessor will work with you to develop a Training Plan which links the job role to the requirements of the vocational qualification.

Can an existing employee do an Apprenticeship?

Yes, Apprenticeships are available for both new and existing employees.

Do Apprentices pay tax and national insurance?

There is no minimum age at which you become liable to pay income tax. What matters is the amount of your taxable income. If this is below a certain level, no tax is payable.

As is the case of all employees aged over 16, apprentices must still pay national insurance on their income.

What is the role of PETA/Learning Providers?

PETA is a learning provider and we are responsible for an apprentice's off-the-job training. When you take on an apprentice we will appoint a mentor who will work with you to make sure that the training is well planned. Once the apprentice begins the mentor will follow their progress and deal with any issues that may arise.

How many Apprentices can I employ?

You can employ as many Apprentices as you need – and in more than one framework. You will be responsible for giving the apprentice an induction into their role as they provide on-the-job training. Don't forget you may be eligible for a grant or additional funding. 

Do I have to give my Apprentice holidays?

Like most other employees, apprentices must be given at least 20 days’ paid holiday per year as well as bank holidays.

What are transferable skills?

Many different industry sectors share the same skill sets. These core skills are transferable across sectors and are built into the Apprenticeship to maximise flexibility and choice for employers and apprentices. They include:

  • Communication (mandatory).
  • Application of numbers (mandatory).
  • ICT.
  • Working with others.
  • Improving own learning and performance.
  • Problem solving.

How often do Apprentices attend college or day release?

This varies from programme to programme. Some of the training can be in the work place and other sessions could be in college or at one of our training centres. Depending on the type of job being done, or the elements of training being undertaken, it could be one day a week or a block release - in some cases you will be offered a choice.

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

You must give your apprentice an induction into their role and provide on-the-job training. As with all employees, you are also responsible for the wages of your apprentice.

What is the role of the Mentor?

Looking after the Apprentice on a day-to-day basis can seem daunting, however it's just like inducting a new member of staff.  You go through the same routines and with your Apprentice there are a few little extra bits - we offer a half day workshop just for the PETA Apprentice Mentors and can guide you through the whole process.

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