SCSK Europe

Case study summary: A case study demonstrating how PETA helped SCSK Europe improve its internal management through a series of bespoke training sessions at its London premises.


What does the company do?

SCSK Europe supports IT infrastructure design and implementation for information sharing. It provides various IT solutions such as Managed IT services, Cloud services, Digital Transformation and Robotic Process Automation.

What was the issue that the company was facing?

SCSK had identified that there was a clear need for managers and assistant managers to grow and develop critical skills and deploy these to enable staff to reach their full potential. Underpinning this need was a requirement to alleviate the financial impact of increased sickness absence levels, along with a desire to ensure that internal meetings were more effectively facilitated and more productive in terms of their management and outputs. Additionally it had become increasingly apparent that difficult people challenges were not always faced head on, but rather they were being avoided or unnecessarily escalated.

Action taken:

Outline the discussion process with the PETA training consultant to resolve the issue:

To address the issue a discussion took place between SCSK and PETA about the specific challenges and how these could be overcome by the implementation of an appropriate training intervention. This discussion meant that SCSK was able to establish a broad picture of the areas for focus and improvement, aligned to a range of approaches to support skills and behaviour development. Furthermore PETA was able to assist in the identification of a solution to minimise the operational impact of releasing staff for training, and ensure that all critical SCSK policies, forms and company procedures were absorbed into the training content.

To enhance the consultation, PETA facilitated a further meeting involving the recommended trainer in order to scope out and clarify approach, methodology and content aligned with the challenges faced by managers and the business overall.

What was the agreed solution?

PETA helped SCSK Europe to arrive at a solution comprising a series of sharp and concise training sessions to address the critical areas of absence management, challenging conversations, and effective meetings. In addition to delivery of each of these sessions in half-day format, PETA also ensured the sessions took place at SCSK’s London base in order to facilitate the minimising of any operational disruption.

During the sessions the PETA trainer was able to capitalise on information gained during consultation meetings between the two businesses, and address each area through the use of business specific examples advised prior to the programme. In addition the trainer was also able to respond effectively to a number of challenges presented by SCSK managers during the training sessions.


What was the response to the course/s?

Feedback from the managers was described by SCSK as “very positive as everyone felt the courses were interactive, covered a wide range of topics and were delivered in an effective and engaging manner. Matt was able to convey the training content in a clear and concise way”.

What was the impact on the business?

SCSK expressed that “it had seen a significant improvement in the way its managers manage their teams, staff are more engaged and are already asking about future training workshops”

How would you summarise the experience working with PETA?

In summary SCSK was delighted to provide feedback emphasising that PETA was absolutely responsive to the specified training requirements, and delivered a tailor-made programme which clearly related to both the industry and staff. PETA’s SCSK contact went on to stress how pleased the business was to have joined PETA as a valued member company, and concluded by stating it would definitely be using its training and consultancy services again.