PHL Group

Case study summary: A case study demonstrating how PETA helped PHL Group develop its senior management team with a tailored training programme.


What does the company do?

PHL Group are an innovative healthcare service provider, delivering exceptional services to the NHS and independent partners. It offers a wide range of services, which are all delivered by experienced teams of clinicians and healthcare leaders, and supported by a 24/7, clinically led contact centre. PHL Group services include Virtual Wards, Police Custody Healthcare, Integrated Urgent Care, Urgent Treatment Centre, Adult ADHD and Paediatrics.

What was the issue that the company was facing?

PHL Group had an explicit need to provide its senior leadership team with a range of enhanced and developed skills that could be consistently applied across the team and cascaded throughout all levels of the business. Quality of communication was showing itself to be inconsistent and sporadic, and it had become very clear that more self-awareness was required at the senior level in order to facilitate improved engagement and commitment from employees across the business. Additionally it was clear that the team needed to develop and gain confidence to tackle difficult issues and this could only emerge from greater levels of accountability.

Action taken:

Outline the discussion process with the PETA training consultant to resolve the issue:

From the outset a very thorough conversation took place between PHL Group and PETA where key stakeholders were engaged and the content of a five-day programme scoped out. PHL reported that they saw this as very much a two-way conversation where a definitive specification was mapped but where room for manoeuvre and adjustment was critical.

What was the agreed solution?

PETA was able to work with PHL Group to form a programme tailored to fit the business and its senior leadership team, however one that was flexible enough to allow the team and facilitator to take it in different directions should it be required. At its root was a series of modules interspersed with vital embedding sessions where the team were able to reflect on learning and consider how to translate this back into the real PHL environment.


What was the response to the course/s?

Overall feedback on the programme was extremely positive and immediate impact became apparent as the senior leadership team began to work more cohesively and in line with a definitive charter of newly formed values.

What was the impact on the business?

The senior team are visibly more cohesive and are working on how they can add value to the organisation. Each member has proactively sought feedback on their behaviour as a leader and have begun to seek more accountability and work more closely with the executive leadership team.

How would you summarise the experience working with PETA?

Communication and feedback from each module was excellent. The ability of PETA to respond in a flexible manner and evolve the modules progressively was instrumental in the success of the programme and the development of all who attended.