Apprenticeships are a great way to recruit engineering talent…

Article summary: At PETA, we’re recruiting now for our spring intake of engineering apprentices. An apprenticeship is the perfect way to recruit and train new staff or upskill your current employees; recruitment has never been tougher and skills shortages can impact business growth significantly.

So why not take advantage of the funding for training through the Apprenticeship Levy or co-funded models for smaller businesses while it’s available? These initiatives mean that 95%-100% of apprenticeship training costs are covered by the Government, enabling you to develop highly qualified engineers for the future. Keep in mind that this provision may not always be on offer so now’s the time to seize it!

Launching our spring programmes!

We have a range of programmes available to employers:

  • Level 2 General Welder

  • Level 3 Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician (Electrical or Mechanical)

  • Level 3 Engineering Fitter (Electrical, Electronic or Mechanical)

  • Level 3 Engineering Technician: Machinist Pathway – very limited spaces remaining

With limited availability across our programmes, we’d recommend speaking to our Apprenticeship Recruitment Team now if you’re interested in advertising to secure an apprentice. Give us a call on 023 9253 8724.

Engineering at PETA

We have made significant investments in our engineering facilities over the past five years. This autumn saw the redevelopment of our

machine workshop, which received a complete refurb and the installation of 8 brand new Ajax lathes. This workshop now provides our apprentices with access to the latest equipment for their in-centre training.

In 2018, we invested £18K on a new hydraulic guillotine, which enables us to efficiently cut metal sheets up to a thickness of 6.5mm. We use this to create metal items that the apprentices can use to practise their welding skills, and as this can be done prior to lessons, teaching time can be optimised.

More recently, we invested a further £18K in our welding area and we now have 10 welding bays each fitted with new Fronius TransSteel multi process MIG welding packages. In addition to this, we have built new welding tables that are designed to aid demonstrations and active learning, greatly enhancing the educational ability in this practical area. 

Our training rooms have also been refurbished this year as well as the apprentice rest area, which underwent significant improvements in the spring. Our next move will be to  install touch screens at the front of each classroom to enhance education delivery, upgrade the toilet facilities and provide a new tool store and tool boxes.  

Why choose PETA?

  • We’re the leading training provider in Hampshire, providing quality apprenticeship programmes to over 400 apprentices every year, with up to 94% continuing their career or progressing onto higher-level learning. 

  • Our talented team of Learning and Development Coaches and Lecturers provide excellent, relevant training that builds the skills needed for business.

  • You’ll be assigned your own recruitment consultant from our experienced engagement team, offering support in candidate selection, which will include:

  • Full job descriptions and advertisements on national advertising boards, social media and the PETA website.
  • Pre-interview selection and candidate screening.
  • Interview support and follow-up.
  • Initial skills assessments on candidates, including Maths and English.

What our engineering apprentices have to say…

“My knowledge and skills have since increased exponentially. In the first year I went from not knowing what a CNC machine was, to writing my own programs and running the section I was in whilst my mentor and supervisor went on holiday. I proved to myself and the company that I was capable of taking charge and solving problems on my own.”
Apprentice at Lewmar Marine

“My apprenticeship has had a huge impact on me and it goes to show that it is never too late to achieve more, get qualifications and change career path. Working in engineering is a never-ending learning curve and every day presents new things to discover and different ways to approach things to achieve a goal, which is massively motivational and keeps you engaged. It has given me the ambition to get the best out of myself and have a greater sense of achievement in the work that I do.” 
Apprentice at Runfold Plastics

“Studying at PETA has inspired me to constantly push myself and learn new skills. I enjoy learning subjects I am not familiar with; PETA has assisted me with this and given me the motivation to strive for more after I complete my course. In the past two and a half years I have learnt a lot from the engineering trade, and I aim to keep learning throughout my career.” 
Apprentice at JM Automatics

To find out more about the process of recruiting an engineering apprentice for your business, please email us at or call us on 023 9253 8724.


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