PETA ends the year with a new cohort of employees!

Article summary: The last quarter of 2022 was a busy recruitment period for PETA with nine new members of staff joining the company across a number of departments. Here we meet the new recruits and find out a little more about them…

We welcome Marketing Officer Sophie Murray, Conference Centre Assistant Daisy Callaway, Strategic Account Manager Katie Creighton, Apprenticeship Recruiter Christina Hill, Health & Safety Administrator Michael Raine, Engineering Instructor Mike Green, Health & Safety Trainer/Adviser Louise Keys, Learning & Development Coach Lily Hutchinson and Finance Administrator Amy Ede.

“I’m involved in all aspects of marketing across the company. This could be through social media posts, emails, website development, event planning, creating posters and flyers - anything that helps to spread the word about what we do! I really believe in PETA’s goals and aspirations, so wanting to help get our message out there just comes naturally.

“I feel very grateful to have been given the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally in such a fantastic environment as PETA. I’m very excited to work across all aspects of marketing and build a strategy that ultimately raises awareness of the fantastic training and development that we offer.”

Sophie Murray
Marketing Officer

“My role involves being the first port of call for all the learners and apprentices, greeting them with a smile and making sure they know where they are going to be for the day. I set up all of the rooms ready for the next day's classes and make sure they have everything they need to be able to learn.

“It’s been amazing working for PETA so far, it's the perfect setting for me to broaden my horizons and really take a step back and think about what I want to achieve. The most exciting thing about working for PETA is the real family feel this place gives. Everyone is kind and helpful and really shows an interest in you and what you want to do while at PETA. There are so many opportunities here for me.”

Daisy Callaway
Conference Centre Assistant 

“I’m responsible for creating and maintaining positive, lasting relationships with both our member and non-member companies. I support businesses at every stage of their enquiry, from initial requirement through to delivery. Understanding the needs of each and every one of my accounts is crucial to enable me to match them correctly to PETA services and identify potential training requirements. I’m looking forward to continuing to provide the best possible service to my customers.”

Katie Creighton​
Strategic Account Manager

“Within my role as an Apprentice Recruiter, I support future apprentices to find the right apprenticeship and employer to be able to earn whilst they learn. I also liaise with employers to find out if hiring an apprentice is something that will work for them and if they are interested in supporting individuals that aspire to learn.

“Every member of staff within PETA is so supportive and friendly and the company values of aspiring to learn and support one another align with my own. I’m looking forward to attending fairs and excited about growing as an individual and as part of the team.”

Christina Hill​
Apprenticeship Recruiter

“It’s my job to make sure that PETA’s open courses run smoothly. I’m involved in setting up the courses, taking course bookings and making sure that all materials are prepared. I also deal with the post-course organisation and make sure that certificates are sent out.

“PETA has provided me with a great opportunity to do my best and show my worth, and I am very excited at the chance to prove my abilities. I’m keen to learn and I’m eager to build on my already considerable administrative knowledge.”

Health and Safety Training Administrator
Michael Raine

“My role involves the education of the next generation of engineers by equipping them with skills and knowledge that will allow them to contribute and develop the future of engineering and mechanical technologies. I instill in my learners a lifelong learning ethos, which not only encapsulates key skills and knowledge within engineering, but also encompasses the British values. 

“The fact that PETA offered the opportunity for me to positively contribute to the lives of learners in many ways attracted me to the role. I coach and encourage learners to be inquisitive, ask why things are the way they are, how they work and the impact that the engineering industry has on the learners’ lives.

“This role enables me to inspire the learners to share their knowledge, demonstrate skills and exhibit behaviours that could lead to a fulfilling and rounded career within the engineering industry and beyond.”

Michael Green​
Engineering Instructor

“I spend my days visiting a huge variety of different businesses and meeting their apprentices. During the two hour meeting we talk through what they have learnt since their last review, look at their apprenticeship work, set goals for the next review and discuss their mental health. 

“I strive to motivate them and keep them on track. I help them build their portfolio and produce reports, which increase during the course, ready for submission, which leads on to their End Point Assessment. Not only do I educate and coach, but I also enjoy building relationships with the learners and seeing them grow with each review.

“The thing I love most about my new career is that it has taken all of my favourite tasks from my previous jobs and merged them into this perfect role. I could not be happier in my new role - my days fly by!”

Lily Hutchinson​
Learning and Development Coach
Management and Business Training

“I have a real drive to communicate my passion for health and safety and I love training for this reason. I bring a fresh and engaging atmosphere to training and advisory sessions by using vivid examples from the diverse work environments that I’ve worked in, including the world of zoos, fleet management and construction.

“I always say that there is never a dull day for a health and safety practitioner! I want to inspire my learners to consider their own health and safety as well as that of their organisation’s and I endeavour to provide them with the tools and knowledge to do this.”

Louise Keys​
Health and Safety Trainer/Adviser

“My role involves creating invoices, updating the cashbook and doing credit notes. Coming to work for PETA I felt a mixture of feelings - nervous but above all excited! The whole team has been extremely welcoming and helpful, making the transition much easier. I'm so excited for this chance to prove myself and use my brain to learn new skills!”

Amy Ede
Finance Administrator

Meet some of our other team members and find out more about what we do


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