PETA announces new CEO

Article summary: PETA is pleased to conclude a successful 2022 by announcing the arrival of our new CEO, Fiona Stilwell, and bidding a fond farewell to Huw Chapman, who is retiring as CEO after 5 years.

In 2017, Huw brought a fresh, new energy to PETA with a clear commitment to supporting the development of young people to be ‘work ready’ for employers; and to further strengthen our ability to engage with our customers and build positive business relationships to create a sustainable future. 

His passion for making a difference has always shone through, and he has instigated new initiatives, respecting the past whilst building the future, investing in our resources and equipment and spearheading efficiencies to ensure energy is focused on delivering a great customer experience that delivers a positive impact. His energy and passion for learning and development has always been clear and the business has experienced positive changes that Fiona, as our new CEO, can take forward to grow PETA and our future.

Huw, how have the past 5 years been?

“When I came to work for PETA, it was about changing people’s lives for the better. So to be able to come into an environment where you can help develop both people and businesses is a real positive. I wanted to make sure that I could make a real difference to what was already a great organisation, and I have every confidence that Fiona will make it even better. I hope people say in 5 years’ time ‘PETA is better now than it was when Huw was here’, and if they do then I will see that as a true compliment.

“For me, being part of a journey to help people become better people, companies, and the Solent area to become better, professionally and economically, then we’ve been really successful. I couldn’t have done any of it without the colleagues we’ve partnered with here on the journey.”

Fiona, how do you feel about taking on the role as CEO? What are your plans for PETA?

“I am massively excited about building within a well renowned brand in the education sector. Having worked with employers for many years, I understand the importance of applying learning into the workplace, which fits neatly with PETA’s values. The future of PETA is strong, we are post apprenticeship reform and able to develop the future skills required by our customers, particularly as there is a skills shortage in the engineering and leadership spaces in the local area.

“The team have been nothing but welcoming and I look forward to developing my career alongside theirs, to together add value to all our stakeholders’ lives.”

Fiona Stilwell is the new CEO of PETA, effective from 16th December 2022.

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