Complete your Forklift Training at PETA's Lift Truck Centre

Article summary: At PETA we are proud to offer lift truck and mechanical handling training to businesses in our private, indoor lift truck centre.

Our Mitsubishi FB16ANT and Mitsubishi RB 14N2L electric forklifts are user friendly and perfect for beginners, but also well-suited for experienced drivers who require refresher training.

Completing the training at PETA in our weather-proof centre without interruptions, businesses can enjoy the facilities at their own pace with training specifically tailored to their needs.

Hear from Graham, Andrew and Sam from Vector Aerospace, who recently took part in a week-long Counterbalance Novice Training programme with our experienced instructor Stuart Shields.

How have you found the training this week?

Graham: “It’s been really enjoyable, Stuart is very laid back in his style, the sessions feel very relaxed and even if you do something wrong he helps to point it out in a constructive way rather than telling you off. I have about 15 years of forklift experience but hadn’t used them for around 6 years, so it was more of a refresher for me. Sometimes refresher courses can feel like box-ticking but a lot of things have changed since I first used a forklift, so it was great to be back and to learn about how things have changed.”

Sam: “I didn’t have any driving experience as I don’t drive, so it’s been an interesting week and quite a lot of fun. I wasn’t used to driving at all so it’s been a pretty steep learning curve but it’s gone well, the instructor has been really good and patient with me so it’s gone as well as it could have. It’s been nice doing the training here, especially being indoors so you don’t have to worry about being in the rain when trying to learn something new.”

Andrew: “It’s been really good, Stuart is really friendly and patient and I like his learning style. I’d never done it before, it was all new to me which made it a bit daunting, but we jumped in pretty quickly and progressed a lot during the week. At our workplace we move pretty unique objects, but PETA have been able to translate that here really well with our training here. It was also really good to see how Stuart interacted with Sam, who had no driving experience. He was really reassuring and gave Sam lots of techniques to help support him throughout the training. Of course there are huge advantages with doing the training here, the centre is indoors and in a controlled environment without any interruptions so you have that privacy whilst you’re learning, I was also impressed by the lunch here too.”


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