Ending 2023 with 3 new engineering recruits

Article summary: We’re always looking to grow our engineering team and are really pleased to have welcomed 3 new instructors in the past few months. Meet them here.

We’re always looking to grow our engineering team and are really pleased to have welcomed 3 new instructors in the past few months. Rich Harvey is our fabrication welding instructor, Dave Rogers is our BTEC electronics instructor and Saurabh Modi is our mechanical engineering instructor.

Read more below about each of our new additions to the team:

Rich Harvey - Welding Instructor

“My role at PETA is fab weld instructor, I teach fabrication of thick plate and welding in all 3 processes. I’m in education as I want to be able to make the difference in someone’s life and inspire them to improve upon their own and become a success in anything that they do in life. I have experiences in many aspects of life that I draw upon to help share my passion in what I do with my students.

I draw upon various experiences in my life to use in my role, I use my discipline and drive that I learnt in the military to push myself to excel in what I do. My vocational experiences working offshore. Which included working to very tight schedules and very tight tolerances. Working in weird and uncomfortable situations but still completing the job. People skills acquired while living in very close quarters to many people for extended periods of time.

I believe in teaching from experience, teaching in a workshop and not from a classroom where possible. I prefer to let my learners touch and see what they are learning about rather than sit and watch PowerPoints or be stuck in a classroom. I’m strict but fair, I believe there needs to be structure, needs to be boundaries and there need to be consequences.”

Dave Rogers - Electronics Instructor

“I deliver BTEC courses in electronics in both academic and practical disciplines. I am a course tutor, coach and mentor. Education is the answer to just about every problem on the planet. Trainees learn principles at PETA which can be applied to any task, situation or subject they encounter. My drive and role is to enable trainees to have enough confidence to meet the above.

My background is predominantly military. I joined the RN in 1979 and transited directly into diesel-electric submarines. I learned to transmit and receive morse code and type at 30wpm, repair aerial connections and clean toilets. As technology developed, I ended up in a team supporting various international organisations in terms of technical operations.

Having taught BTEC prior to the teaching role at PETA, there is both knowledge and experience to draw on. However, this role at PETA is specific to the requirements of the trainee/employer and requires whatever knowledge and experience necessary to meet their needs. If any skills are not present, then they are acquired. If knowledge is needed, then it is researched.”

Saurabh Modi - Mechanical Engineering Instructor

“As an Instructor of Mechanical Engineering, I teach a range of courses and qualifications which include Mechanical Principles, Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics etc. My goal is to not only teach students technical competencies, but also nurture their creativity, ethical responsibility, communication, and teamwork abilities. Further, my goal not only involves providing a rigorous foundation but also inspire them to think critically over application of their skills to build more just, equitable and sustainable society. I aim to inspire students to innovate solutions that advance sustainability and social justice. I strive to create an inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive.

I have over 10 years of experience working as a mechanical engineer in industry as well as into engineering teaching at the university level. In these roles, I solved complex problems related to thermodynamics, fluid systems, heat transfer, and mechanical design, health and safety at engineering workplace, application of mechanical systems, maintenance engineering, engineering project. My industry experience at various technology and manufacturing and designing companies sparked my interest in educating and mentoring the next generation of engineers. I find great meaning and purpose in helping students develop the knowledge and skills needed to solve complex problems that improve people's lives.”


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