Liberating Leadership: unlock potential, enhance your business

Being the best leader you can is the key to a successful business. Whether you’re a Managing Director, managing a team within an SME or the owner of a small business of eight staff, how you lead your team will be the key factor in how it performs.

Developing your people should be your number one priority. Your staff are what make your business what it is and nurturing that talent will reap rewards as their skillset grows along with their motivation and productivity.

You should lead your staff rather than just managing them; ask questions, lead by example, motivate and guide them. Leaders add value, delegate to and entrust in their team. If you want your business to grow and thrive, you should invest in your people as they’re your greatest asset! The more effectively you lead, the better your team will perform.

Great leadership leads to a number of positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced staff retention, resulting in a reduction in recruitment costs 

  • Increased staff engagement, morale and wellbeing 

  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism

  • Clear expectations about staff output leading to improved motivation 

  • Enhanced individual and team performance and productivity

  • Any staff issues resolved more quickly and easily due to good working relationship between leader and employees

  • Improved organisational culture and individual behaviours

The business world is changing all the time and the events of 2020 and beyond have led to more changes in business practice than ever before. To do well in this new world we find ourselves in, all businesses have had to change the way they operate. If you’re unsure how to navigate this new terrain, undertaking training is a great place to start.

Liberating Leadership with PETA

PETA’s Liberating Leadership development programme has been designed for individuals at all levels who wish to develop their leadership potential. Whether you’re already successful in your career or are just starting out, this programme will help you develop a leadership style that fits your personality as well as the culture of the business. It will show you how to overcome challenges, craft and develop new opportunities and provide you with the skills and confidence to deliver your vision.

All delegates will receive the Liberating Leadership book, which will help facilitate your leadership journey. The course, which is delivered over four half-day sessions with a follow-up coaching session, will cover a range of topics including:

  • Exploring a Leadership Mindset 

  • Management v’s Leadership 

  • Risk Factors

  • Situational Consistency

  • Underlying Beliefs in Leadership 

  • Exploring a 4-Step Process

  • Improving Performance

  • Visioning Drivers & Motivation

  • People Process & Buy-in 

  • Positive Regard & Genuineness

  • Explicitness 

  • Reviews & Feedback

  • Understanding the impact of Emotional Intelligence 

This course is offered on a company-sponsored basis, whereby up to 8 managers from a single organisation can attend. The course can be delivered at PETA’s Portsmouth training centre or at the company’s premises to suit the organisation’s needs and preference.

Why choose PETA?

  • With over 50 years’ experience, PETA is Portsmouth's leading provider of corporate training, apprenticeships and consultancy services.

  • We’re specialists in corporate training for today's most in-demand professional skills, technical expertise and business improvement courses in Hampshire and beyond.

  • Our trainers are the best of the best; experts in the field, experienced and knowledgeable, and readily available to provide delegates with any support needed throughout the programme.

  • We work in partnership with the top awarding bodies, such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and some of the most respected companies in the country to deliver exceptional training.

  • Our facilities are second-to-none, offering learners the ideal learning environment, access to state-of-the-art equipment and a delicious two-course lunch (for an additional charge).

  • Our Liberating Leadership programme offers a follow-up 1-2-1 coaching session upon completion of the course; you can use this time as you wish, using our coaches’ expertise to help you hone the skills you’ve learned.

Please get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable team to find out more about our Liberating Leadership development programme and how it could help enhance your business…



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