Invest in effective leadership training to save your business money

With the UK’s inflation rate at its highest in over 40 years, it’s never been more important to keep a tight control on the finances.

The past few years have taken a toll on the business world in many ways, both financially and otherwise. We’ve been forced to make savings wherever we can to ensure our businesses remain viable. We’ve had to change the way we operate, interact and lead, and have faced a whole host of new challenges that we haven’t had to deal with before.

There are many aspects that can impact a business’ profit margin, with people management - a resource that is vital to the performance and wellbeing of your business - being one of them. Ask yourself:

Is your staff turnover higher than you’d like?

Do you struggle to retain talented staff?

Are your staff sickness and absence levels elevated?

Is your business simply not as profitable as it needs to be?

How loyal, motivated and fulfilled your employees feel will play a huge part in the success and profitability of your business. 

Contented teams led by inspirational leaders who prioritise, encourage and develop their staff will result in lower absentee levels (higher productivity), greater staff retention levels (lower recruitment costs) and increased morale (improvement in tasks being completed on time).

So, investing in the right training for your leaders, to build the talent and capabilities to be those inspirational leaders is essential. 

What could Liberating Leadership® do for my business?

  • Provide managers with training to enable them to successfully lead high performing teams

  • Demonstrate a clear commitment to developing people as a top priority - it’s the foundation of good leadership

  • Create a desire amongst your managers to aspire to be successful and motivated leaders of people

  • Build a positive, continual  ‘development’ culture at the heart of your people strategy

Train with us

The Liberating Leadership® development programme offers a progressive development approach that will develop the skills to deliver inspirational leadership, through a programme of structured workshops and coaching, exploring topics including:

  • Exploring a Leadership Mindset 

  • Management v’s Leadership 

  • Risk factors

  • Situational Consistency

  • Underlying Beliefs in Leadership 

  • Exploring a 4 Step - Process

  • Developing Poor Performance

  • Visioning Drivers & Motivation

  • People Process & Buy in 

  • Positive Regard & Genuineness

  • Explicitness 

  • Reviews & Feedback

  • Understanding the impact of Emotional Intelligence 

This programme is offered on a company-sponsored basis, where you can invest in up to 8 managers, to work as a peer group and experience great learning that will deliver positive impact. 

Delivered over four half-day sessions, the programme can take place either at PETA’s Portsmouth training centre or at your company’s premises according to preference. You will also receive a follow-up 1-2-1 coaching session upon completion of the course; you can use this time as you wish, using our coaches’ expertise to help you hone the skills you’ve learned.

This exceptional programme offers a great learning environment, delivered in short, powerful sessions enabling a balance between day-to-day priorities.


  • With over 50 years’ experience, we’re Portsmouth's leading provider of corporate training, apprenticeships and consultancy services.

  • We specialise in training for today’s most in-demand professional, digital and technical skills.

  • Our award-winning training programmes have helped thousands of businesses and individuals to reach their full potential.

  • Our trainers are the best of the best; experts in the field, experienced and knowledgeable, and readily available to provide delegates with any support needed throughout the programme.

  • We work in partnership with the top awarding bodies, such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and some of the most respected companies in the country to deliver exceptional training.

  • Our facilities are second-to-none, offering learners the ideal learning environment, access to state-of-the-art equipment and a delicious two-course lunch (additional charge).

Get in touch with our professional training team to explore in more depth how Liberating Leadership® can offer a superb foundation for growth in your business.



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