Why choose an apprenticeship?

Case Study - Lewis Heath

Summary: A SURGE in confidence is leading business administration apprentice Lewis Heath on to a four-year degree in project management.

Lewis has been working with defence and security consultancy Vima Group, formerly IMD Group, for almost two years through a PETA apprenticeship scheme.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Lewis has been learning how to manage and deliver complex projects, many of them for military clients. 

Lewis said: “My dad’s a project manager in his own company, so I’ve had an idea that’s what I wanted to do for a while. 

“A few years ago, I was at college and thinking about going to university, but my experience at college left me feeling like I didn’t really develop or learn any practical project management skills. 

“It made me think that being in a business was the right place for me to learn.”

After applying for jobs online, Lewis got in touch with PETA, who helped him land his apprenticeship with Vima.

Lewis said: “Doing an apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to develop multiple skills; I’ve been managing employees’ timesheets, overviewing expenses, and running a virtual private network to mitigate data risks for the Royal Navy. 

“It’s a bonus to be able to learn at work and get paid. I now have a better understanding how businesses are run, and I have gained a lot of confidence. In terms of my future career, I’d like to go down same route as my dad by managing groups of project managers.” 

Gayle Wallace, graduate and apprenticeship manager for Vima Group, said: “Apprentices like Lewis bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm with them, so we’re making an investment in him. We’re thrilled Lewis has secured a degree course place and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with him.” 

Gayle added: “Running apprenticeships has been a brilliant way for Vima to get fresh talent into the business and training them in exactly what the role requires. We’re hoping Lewis’s will be the first of several degree apprenticeships we run.”

Lewis’s apprenticeship was secured by Peta - Aspire to Learn, Apply to Advance. For more information on Peta please click HERE, email us at enquire@peta.co.uk or call us on 02392 538700.