Why choose an apprenticeship?

George Houkes - Business Administration Level 3

Summary: Hear from our Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice, George, and learn more about why he chose an apprenticeship with PETA.

What led you to start your apprenticeship?

After studying GCSE Business at school, I went to college and did a Level 3 BTEC in Criminology and Law. After leaving college I carried on working at the part time job that I had during college and had a think about what I wanted to do next. At the end of last year, I started looking at business apprenticeships and applied originally at a different company. Soon after I started there, I decided the job role and environment weren’t for me, so I spoke to PETA and they helped me find the role in company that I’m working for now.

I started in my current role in January so I’ve been there about 2 and a half months and I’m really enjoying it at the moment, I feel really comfortable there and get on well with the people I work with. The solicitors deals with criminal defence so it links really well to the criminology and law course I studied at college.

What's your current job role?

I work as an office apprentice and I cover quite a lot of tasks, like answering the phone and filing and archiving things. As I’ve gained more experience I’ve taken on more responsibilities and been able to work more in depth with our cases. For example, I’ve been trained to open and manage cases on our case management system, file and pay invoices, deal with reports; and most recently, I’ve taken on more responsibility with a legal dictation software we use called BigHand, as I will be responsible for managing one of my colleague’s tasks on the app.

How are you finding your apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship because I like the more hands-on style of working. I did a lot of hands-on and assignment-based work at college which I really enjoyed and that’s the same now with my apprenticeship. The evidence and work that goes towards my apprenticeship is all stuff that I’ve experienced at work, which really helps me when completing my case studies because my course at PETA links really well to my actual job role.

One of my friends started a digital marketing apprenticeship with PETA so I had discussions with him about apprenticeship options, and I also knew someone from my work experience who did work with PETA too so I had 2 recommendations. Their communications have been really good here, they sent me lots of job adverts and kept me well informed during the process of applying, so I always felt like I was kept in the loop.

Do you have an idea of future plans beyond your apprenticeship?

It depends what the progression looks like at my current workplace. If they’re willing to help me progress then I’d consider doing a higher-level business qualification. I wouldn’t be against going to uni but I would like to do it alongside working so maybe something like an apprenticeship degree, but it depends on what options are available to me.